25 "SO DO I!" Moments From Our Daily Lives!


Today, we give you 25 snapshots from the daily life and all the lies we keep telling to us. Stay strong people, we will get these done at some point…NOT!

Source: http://onedio.com/haber/hepimizin-hayati...

1. Me right after saying tomorrow I will be one step closer to death!

2. A week after I decided to study day by day…

3. Hugging that distant relevant who claims she knows my childhood and watched me grow.

4. That’s it, I will take control of my life now!

5. “Man the questions on the back side were too easy. Free points.” Was there a back side???

6. When I send the text I was supposed to send my bro to my girlfriend.

7. My way of dealing with the problems in my life.

8. Me when my friend asks me to go out on the 15th and my bank balance is below zero.

9. Last working hour of the week!

10. When there are no clean plates left…

11. When my friends tag me on Facebook. (I’m in the middle)

12. And me in family photos. (Again, middle)

13. “I’ll stay for just a beer then I have to leave guys…”

14. “If you know how to drink properly, you’ll be fine!”

15. Me working on my love affairs.

16. My love life in a nutshell.

17. When I suggest hugging and sleeping together and she thinks we’ll literally do that…

18. My first kiss…(Representative)

19. My sex life during stressful weeks…

20. Me trying to join a conversation I have no clue about.

21. My level of blending in to a new crowd…

22. Me taking a dump when my GF is on the phone in the living room.

23. That’s how lucky I am…

24. And my way of achieving things.

25. How I get along with my siblings.

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