24-Year-Old Deputy Minister's Nude Photos Scandalized Ukraine


Ukraine's bid to join the EU took a new twist as semi-naked pictures of the country's deputy interior minister in charge of European integration were revealed.

Anastasia Deeva is 24 years old and a very successful lady,

She was recently appointed as Deputy Minister for European Integration of Ukraine.

She is UK-educated

She has a high capacity for work and communication skills, an excellent Masters degree and is fluent in English and French.

Quite in the field of Politics.

She completed her studies in Kiev and received her Political Science degree from the University of Taras Shevchenko.

Her success was already in the spotlight.

After starting her job as Deputy Minister, she was already under fierce attack in Kiev for being too young for the job, and to have been appointed without proper vetting - which her boss dismissed as 'bigotry' and 'ageis.t'

Then a series of nude photos of her were dug up from social media.

The event turned out to be a scandal and unfairly began to affect her job.

The country’s 24-year-old Deputy interior Minister, in charge of European Integration, has already faced questions over her experience and pedigree for the job.

To work as Deputy Minister it is necessary to have 10 years of the experience, that’s why Deeva lied in the job application CV specifying the experience – 10 years, even though Deeva is only 24 years old. On the same job application, she wrote that started to work in 2013. The Ukranian politician Iryna Gerashchenko says, the legal procedures were ignored for her.

But the Head of the Police, Arsen Avakov defended his protégé, writing on Facebook that Deeva had passed all special checks.

“Those who say about violations in the process of the appointment on the post – don’t know what’s what.” he stated.

Mr. Avakov also said the pictures were private and taken when she was a student.

He continued brilliantly: “Photo albums, thrown onto the internet with such an effect, feed low feelings,” said Mr. Avakov, adding that she had an excellent Masters degree and was fluent in English and French.

“Has a student no right to private photos? It is bigotry – or you are incorporeal or asexual, or moralizing on her bright clothes and bare lines?”

Artistically Tasteful

The naked pictures were found on Anastasia Deeva's social media by Ukrainian journalists investigating allegations she was in a relationship with her boss, something which an Interior Ministry source has denied.

Husband remains silence.

But this silence does not change the fact that a woman's behaviors or choices do not concern her husband. As Ukraine's Deputy Speaker, Irina Gerashchenko said professionally: “People can take any pictures they like and the photographs cannot be the basis for any appointment or dismissal." Mr. Avakov also said the pictures were private and taken when she was a student. 

So it is up to you to think whether the photos should be a professional concern.

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