24 Awesome Experiences You'd Go Through If Phoebe Was Your GF!


Phoebe always had a very special place for all Friends fans! She is funny, cute and beautiful. Even a small gesture of her can make you laugh. And now we thought about possible scenarios if Phoebe was your girlfriend. (Yeah, she is way out of your league but just think about it for a second!) ;-)

Warning! Contains spoilers.

1. You can fall in love with her over and over again!

2. You will be jealous of her “Friends”, until you become a part of the gang.

3. Her cool mood for every situation will make you less stressful person.

4. You will admire her positive life philosophy and her seriousness in every job she does.

5. Her twin sister Ursula might trick you.

6. She will sing her songs for you all the time.

7. And you can learn a lot about her from these songs.

Her mother’s suicide for example…

8. More…

How his father left family behind…

9. And more…

That she became homeless at age of 13 and lived on streets.

10. “Smelly Cat” will be your favorite song.

11. Her love for every animal.

12. You can even consider going vegetarian.

13. You will never spend as much money if you were dating Rachel!

14. Every moment with her is fun!

15. You won’t need to go to the hair dresser anymore.

16. Twin sister thing might trick you again.

17. You might be suspicious about Joey’s moves.

18. She will always cheer you up like a super hero.

19. She will be suspicious about anything and you'll soon turn into her.

20. You will adore her childish attitude.

21. You will be amazed by her wise words (Not often but timing is the key!)

22. You might be jealous of her girlfriends.

Fair enough!

23. You will (should) be the one driving around all the time.

24. Your attitude towards life will be 200% more positive.

Bonus - Phoebe Buffay - Smelly Cat :)

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