23 Things That Prove Having A Brother Is Awesome


You've had friends who passed by in your lives. You've had loved ones who passed by in your loves. Maybe some stayed maybe some didn't. But no one was like your brother and no one will be, because you've shared the best memories of your life with him and you've always felt his support. That's why, by having a brother, you started life one step ahead.

Here are some situations that show having a brother is the best thing in the world:

1. Your brother was the guy you dreamed and made plans about the future with.


2. When you got in trouble with the other kids in the neighborhood, he always backed you up and never made you feel alone.


3. And the kids who knew you showed you respect because you had a big brother.


4. When you were told off by your parents, you always had someone to share the fault and even to blame. You were comfortable, but your conscience wasn't.


5. Only he knows the embarrassing stuff you did as a child and maybe even did those things with you. He was your partner in crime .


6. When your parents didn't want you to do something, your brother stepped in and supported you. You had everything you wanted, thanks to him.


7. You learned how to love and have fun from him.


8. You even learned how to argue and hate.


9. You had the craziest days of your life with him. You did things beyond imagination by his side.


10. You don't have to explain anything to him that might sound strange to others, because he already knows you pretty well.


11. He played the cruelest jokes on you, but this didn't stop you from loving him.


12. You were never bored on your family holidays because you had your best friend beside you to spend time with.


13. He told you the funniest jokes and made comments that effected you the most.


14. When you started school, he always helped you with the hardest subjects. He saw your success as his.


15. Maybe you haven't seen him for months or even years, but your ties are always strong and will always be like that.

16. You had a lot of inside jokes and nobody understands them. In a way, your brother became your best friend.

17. You were always appreciated because you had someone who shaped your character and helped you have your own style.


18. Your brother always knew your dreams and how bad you wanted to reach them; that's why he always supported you and fought for you.


19. Your brother supported you financially all your life as well. He bought you candy when you were a kid, gave you a lunch money at school, and backed you up in business life.


20. When he got married, you were as happy as if it was your own wedding.


21. When he had kids, you loved them as if they were your own.


22. After marriage and children, you realised your brother was your best friend and were thrilled about it.


23. You already started life one step ahead because you have somebody to protect you and look after you for as long as you live.

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