23 Parenting Hacks That Will Change The Way You Take Care Of Your Children!


Parenting is already hard as it is. These hacks will save you lots of time! You can thank us later.

1. “My husband and I are fitness experts. When our children misbehave, we don’t discipline them with time-outs or standing in the corner. We make them climb it. It keeps them in shape and in line.”

2. How to keep the mess away 101

3. Invent things!

4. A cheap shower curtain can make a little pool for the kids at the beach.

5. Safety first!

6. Save the fingers!

7. Use the dishwasher for toys that are plastic or rubber. Add in 1.5 cups of vinegar and wash!

8. Use basic cups for easy storage for pacifiers.

9. To protect your walls and ankles, use pool noodles!

10. Make your kids' shoes slip safe with glue gun.

11. "Shopping by yourself with your baby, but you don’t enough hands? Just put 2 carabiner hooks on your stroller and you can hang a shopping basket."

12. Make shoe shopping easier!

13. Cover door knobs with plastic containers.

14. "This is a messy activity but a super fun one: Place drops of paint on a sheet of paper, then cover them with cotton balls. Give your child a play hammer and let them discover the bursts of color!"

15. How to teach discipline 101:

16. Just a simple act of glueing can save a doll.

17. If your kid is curious about make-up, just replace the actual makeup with nail polish and let it dry.

18. Build a snow fortress!

19. Place the crazy straw upside down to prevent spills!

20. Use a blender to cut the vegetables and put the in the freezer. Kids eat anything that looks like an ice cream!

21. Make projects like this for your kid:

22. If you always lose something, try hanging them!

23. Make your own toddler survival kit!

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