23 Coworkers Who Are Ultimate Trolls To Make You LOL!


Get ready to laugh out loud.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sydrobinson1/co...

1. This worker who was told that her hair is too long:

2. These coworkers and their own type of greeting of their friend's citizenship:

3. This little surprise:

4. Just too good at goodbyes:

5. This dad who is a fan of horror:

6. These employees who like to surprise their collagues:

7. This medic and her co-medic went to work on Halloween.

8. This heart melting memorial when an accountant moved cubicles:

9. URGENT!!!

10. This coworker who work (!) overtime to stick a Nicholas Cage picture to the bottom of every computer's mouse:

11. This coworker who found a creative way to transfer money:

12. This level of passive-agressiveness:

13. This musical enthusiast coworker:

14. Of course, a grammar police:

15. This coworker who has the perfect way to avert any and every human interaction:

16. These coworkers who want their deporting team member to never truly leave them:

17. This smart-ass colleague:

18. How it was???

19. This devoted birthday wrapper colleague:

20. Just wow:

21. This coworker who found a priceless parting gift:

22. This employee who went out the parking place and slashed the boss' tires:

23. Finally, a coworker who's done with everyone's shit:

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