23 Couples Who Desperately Need To Get A Room Right Now!


I’m sure we can all empathize with the feeling of overwhelming lust we have for a partner when just looking at them makes us want them there and then. But isn't this level of PDA a bit too much? We just don't have to know or see everything you guys get up too. Just wait until you get home please!

1. We were actually hoping to see the game...

2. She is unstoppable...

3. Not even bathrooms are safe these days.

4. Boobs.😂😂

5. They say don't worry too much about what others think. But sometimes you should! 😱

6. Too much PDA in subway...

7. PDA on the go, how convenient...

8. They only need one seat.

9. At Disneyland...

10. Someone get a lawn-mower.

11. Are they in class? First lesson: STOP.

12. And he’s still texting.

13. This is not actually what playground means!! .😂👶🏻

14. This couple is putting on their own show.

15. You can’t go to a show these days without catching a couple like this.

16. That’s like a bear hug but the XXX version.

17. This couple seems to have their own version of the mile-high club.

18. And the worst kiss award goes to...

19. RIP Peter.

20. They seem to get off on crowds.

21. She loves him with her ‘hole’ heart!

22. How is this poor guy going to get his tan on?

23. Can’t knock the flexibility...


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