23 Celebrity Mamas Who Believe In The Magic Of Breastfeeding


Many celebrity mothers believe in the magic of breast milk and feed their babies with this miracle. They also post photos of themselves while nursing their babies to encourage other moms to do the same.

Unfortunately, it's the truth that many people still believe that breastfeeding- especially breastfeeding in public- is weird. To support the “Normalize Breastfeeding” campaign, these celebrity mamas do not hesitate to breastfeed in public.

Here are those brave celeb mamas!

1. A mother of 2 children, Olivia Wilde strongly believes that moms should feed their babies with their own breast milk.


Wilde said these after posing for Glamour magazine for the World Breastfeed Week 2 years ago:

“Breastfeeding is the most natural thing. I don’t know, now it feels like Otis should always be on my breast."

Wilde gave birth to Daisy recently, their second child with Jason Sudeikis!

Wilde seems pretty determined to feed her newborn baby with her breast milk also. She posted this photo while nursing Daisy to emphasize the importance of breast milk for the baby’s health.

2. Doutzen Kroes also believes the miracle of breast milk.

Doutzen posted many photos of herself nursing her babies to inspire her Instagram followers.

The Victorias Secret angel was even nursing her baby Phyllon while she was at work.

She captions: "Working mom;) feeding my precious baby between pictures..."

3. Tamara Ecclestone


Celebrity mamas are determined to break the taboos about breastfeeding in public. Famous entrepreneur Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter Tamara Eccleston is also one of them.

Tamara nursed her baby Sophia at their vacation with Jay Ruthland every time she got hungry!


And shared those moments on Instagram to help normalize breastfeeding.

4. "There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than motherhood", says beautiful Australian model Nicole Trunfio, in her interview after posing for Elle magazine with her son Zion.


This photo caused numerous arguments in her home country. But she never changed her attitude and continued supporting the Normalize Breastfeeding campaign.

5. Alyssa Milano


There’s no doubt that Milano is a total breastfeeding advocate. She shared this photo on her Instagram account while having her make-up done at work.

6. Gisele Bundchen shared this photo of herself breastfeeding her baby girl Vivian while getting ready for a photo shoot.


7. Jaime King


Jamie King shared this post on Instagram captioning: 

"Breastfeeding should not be taboo"

8. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr shared this photo of herself nursing her son Flynn.

"Another day in the office"

Kerr believes breastfeeding is crucial for the health of a baby.

9. An image of Angelina Jolie, while nursing their twins at home, taken by Brad Pitt.

Can you see those tiny little fingers? 😍

10. Julie Bowen also posted a photo while breastfeeding her twins to create a social awareness.

11. Another champion of motherhood! Gwen Stefani nursing in the Swiss Alps!

12. Natalia Vodianova took breastfeeding to a whole new level with this artsy pose!

Nope, this image is not from a photoshoot. It’s just a simple Instagram post.

Here are the other celebrity mamas who think breastfeeding shouldn’t be a taboo:

13. Maggie Gyllenhaal

14. Kourtney Kardashian

15. Sarah Stage


16. Pink

17. Teresa Palmer

18. Chrissy Teigen

19. Jessie James

20. Alanis Morissette

21. Padma Lakshmi

22. Selma Blair

23. Erin McNaught

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