22 Things Women Should Know Before Moving In With A Guy!


So you've decided to take a step forward? Time to grab your notebook and start writing these down!

1. First of all, get used to this view in toilet. You'll never find that seat up again.

2. You may find very odd or awkward scenes every time you come home.

3. He may not be very good at cooking or cleaning. Expect dishes to stay in sink for days

You may want to consider using disposable tableware from now on.

4. If you adapt yourself in his hygiene standards, you may end up incredibly slob and messy.

5. Your roomie's carelessness and recklessness can drive you crazy.

-Electricity bill is due today. 

-Don't worry, I'll take care of it. (He didn't.)

6. You may have to compromise wearing some of your comfies home, especially revealing or 'spicy' ones, just not to see him drooling after you.

7. But he doesn't mind walking around with only boxers on.

8. And one day, when you wake up in the morning and walk through living room, you finally meet his 'morning wood'

9. If you are not used to profanity, his innovative swears may catch you off guard.

10. If he likes bringing his girlfriends home, their sex noise may wake you up in the middle of the night.

11. Even if he doesn't have a girlfriend, nothing will change for you. He will find another reason to make noise and wake you up.

12. If you keep hanging out with him, you may also develop some masculine manners.

13. If he ever invites you to join him to meet with his girlfriend, don't go. Otherwise, you'll have to watch their romantic moments whole day as a third wheel.

14. Sometimes, you may have super fun time at home if you try to adapt yourself to his way of doing things.

15. No matter how mad you are at him, he will always find his way to make it up to you.

16. Or he may steal your heart one day...

17. You may start seeing him in a different way and try to figure out if he feels the same way.

18. You may feel like hiding in his arms every time you feel weak or insecure.

19. And one day, you may totally lose yourself in his arms.

20. After that point, you may have found the one or you might end up with regretting.

21. That's why you always need to know what you want.

22. So, even if you are moving in with Brad Pitt, think twice ladies. ☺️

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