22 Pictures Showing We Can Fall Asleep In Any Position And Anywhere!


Here you will find people and animals who lost their war against sleeping and as a result they could fall asleep instantly, and there is nothing to stop them!

1. When you were thinking about something then fell asleep

2. “My sister woke my nephew up for school and he grabbed a pillow and fell back asleep on the floor. Good luck.”

3. When the game is really fascinating

4. “She slept like this...”

5. When you seek different areas to sleep

6. “This is how the girl in front of me slept on my flight.”

7. When counting sheep is very tiring

8. No time to make it to the car...

9. When you love fall sleep in unusual positions and your friend loves Photoshop

10. “These girls went into the subway, sat down, and fell asleep”

11. “He ate the flower and decided to take a nap at the crime scene.”

12. It seems like this little guy loves comfort

13. “My dog fell asleep under the pillow and almost gave me a heart attack.”

14. “My baby fell asleep standing up...”

15. “My wife was too busy to play with our dog. So, he looked through the window until he fell asleep like this.”

16. Sometimes shopping can be tiring.

17. “He just crashed on the floor and fell asleep.”

18. When you finally find your perfect place...

19. Sometimes sleeping in public places can be scary

20. Looks like the co-pilot loves sleeping!

21. When you are good boy and you should always smile even if you fall asleep!

22. “My mom’s dog fell asleep like this...”

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