22 Photos Of New Babies Meeting Family Pets For The First Time


TODAY asked members of its parenting community to send photos of their babies meeting the family pet for the first time, and these are the results. Just be careful and try not to exceed the safe daily dose of cuteness!

Source: http://www.today.com/parents/weeks-best-...

1. "Sorry sis, but I am cuter"

2. First lick❤️

3. "Are those the hands of this little human? Why are they so small?"

4. So happy to meet his new bff 😊

5. "You said a baby was coming, but now there are two of them?"

6. "Can we wake her up pleeease? Just for a second"

7. "This cat doesn't look like us at all" "Must be a strange breed we don't know"

8. "Sorry, but I am too old to look after this little human"

9. "So, this is what all the fuss was about?"

10. "Hey little buddy, look at you... Oh, are you sleeping? OK, I'm leaving you alone now, but I'll be around just in case you wanna play"

11. "So, I guess you guys didn't like me much?" "It's not that, we are just super sleepy"

12. "But this is only the head, where is the rest of her body?"

13. These two will surely get along very well

14. So happy together

15. 😍😍

16. Nothing wrong with some nose nuzzle

17. "So what's its name again?" "Human baby" "But it's so small to be a human"

18. "Yaaaawn aren't you sleepy, buddy, cause I am sleepy"

19. "Now I see how it feels to have someone sleeping on your body"

20. "Look little human, I am the boss here, you understand?"

21. Snoozing

22. Then and now ❤️

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