21 Up Above Photos Proving How Amazing The World Is!


The world is a mystery! These photos are taken by a pilot who lives by flying around the world. The photos he published are proving that the world is an inspiring and colorful place if you managed to look at it from a distance!

***This article was originally published on 9GAG.

1. Swimmers in a wave pool near Orlando, Florida

2. Old military equipment planes in Tuscon, Arizona

3. Floating Daisy Docks in Chicago

4. Flower fields in California

5. Boats near Tremont, Maine

6. People surfing at beach on Oahu, Hawaii

7. A golf oasis near Las Vegas, Nevada

8. People tanning on a poolside near Massachusetts

9. A housing development near Beaverton, Oregon

10. Shipping containers near Portsmouth, Virginia

11. Tomato field near North Central Ohio

12. Sand Plumes in Wellfleet, Massachusetts

13. Shipyard in Newport, Virginia

14. A housing development in Las Vegas, Nevada

15. Snow covered orchard near Bolton, Massachusetts

16. Colorful houses in Burano, Italy

17. Car park at a Nascar event in Richmond Virginia

18. Housing Block on a desert Las Vegas, Nevada

19. Drainage patterns in Clark County, Nevada

20. Flamingos in Rosolina, Italy

21. Flower fields in Carslbad, California

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