21 Tips For Getting Along With Your Roommate


Sharing a home with someone else is not an easy task. Even when living with your best friend, you should be prepared for serious disagreements. We’ve collected 21 great tips that were originally published on Buzzfeed for you to print, read outloud, and attach to your roommate agreement!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/augustafalletta...

1. Communication is key. People can’t read your mind.

Just don’t be passive-aggressive and wait for your problems to solve themselves.

2. You don’t have to hang out with each other all of the time.

Learn how to be alone together!

3. Discuss what food, if any, you want to share.

So you don’t get mad when they steal your last damn Pop-Tarts.

4. Set aside your pride.

Before starting a huge fight, just wait a minute and ask yourself: Is it worth it? Do I really want to spoil things by making a fuss over this?

5. Good friends don't always make good roommates. Good roommates don't always make good friends.

You’ll be disappointed when you find out that your BFF is a jerk that leaves the kitchen a mess, all the fucking time. Just accept the fact that loving someone as a friend doesn’t always mean things will work out when you live together.

6. Exchange emergency information with each other.


In case of an emergency, your roommate will probably be the first person people will try to contact if they can’t reach you. So inform each other about possibilities: A medical issue like a history of seizures, a stalker ex whom they shouldn’t give any information to if he shows up at your door, etc.

7. Organize the daily work


A chart may work, but not always. Talk about daily routines in detail to find a way for everyone to be happy.

8. Respect everyone else’s finances.

When collecting the money for rent and other bills, you may need to arrange
different due dates for each person so that you don’t make it too hard for someone who doesn’t
get paid on the same day as you.

9. Communication is a big deal, but compromising is also key.

Don’t forget that you’re living with a human being, not a robot. We all need to compromise occasionally to make things work for everyone.

10. Send a text if you are having guests over.

you don’t need their permission. But please, just let them know so they can put on pants or a bra, or whatever else makes them comfortable.

11. Don’t be afraid to sit together and do absolutely nothing.


Sometimes the best way to get to know somebody is to just sit in the same room and watch stupid videos for hours.

12. Create a Roommate Agreement.


And don’t be afraid of it. Unless you’re a Sheldonesque weirdo, making a roommate agreement beforehand would make things a lot easier for everyone.

13. Be aware of your own habits


For example, if you’re going to leave the dirty dishes all week, for whatever reason, at least explain and apologize so the other person doesn't think you’re just a douchebag and not aware of it.

14. Have a “Do Not” talk


You may have certain problems with certain behavior, which people can find weird or meaningless. You may, for example, hate when people call you with nicknames. But if you discuss these little things beforehand, there’ll be no need to argue over them in the future in more complex situations.

15. Ask questions like, “If I walk in and you’re crying, what do I do?”


That way you know what to do at times like that, instead of getting all anxious or irritated.

16. That little habit of yours might not seem like a big deal, but it could be something that is seriously irritating to your roommates

Again: Communicate. No one can know unless you clearly and openly talk about it.

17. Instead of trying to change them, respect your roommate's lifestyles.


Don’t forget that it’s their home too.

18. Wear headphones. For everyone’s sake, wear headphones.

You know why...

19. Always remember that not everyone was raised like you.


It’s not something you can get mad at, so just get over it.

20. Act like your parents are visiting at least once a week.


Because a clean house is a happy house. Clean once a week as if your parents or landlord are coming over. You deserve the same respect that you show to those people.

21. Give each other at least a few hours a week to be in the room alone.


People need space. Respect that.

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