21 Things Women Just Can’t Convince Men About


We made a list of the things women can’t change men's opinion about, no matter how hard they try every time to explain their reasoning very clearly. What can possibly take more than an hour to be ready before going out? Why do they go to the bathroom as a group? Why they seek the treatment for their depression in hairdresser’s shop? Here are 21 things women tried to explain many times, but failed to convince men:

1. High-heels can be super-comfy!

First thing that men will always refuse to accept: Even if you get an actual document from NASA’s test laboratories, attesting high-heels are 100% comfortable, you just can’t change their mind.

2. Getting ready to go out is not just easy...

There is simply no way to explain what takes 1 hour to get ready; considering majority of men wear their shirt, pants and shoes in total 3 minutes.

3. There is a strong link between depression and haircut.

You can’t expect someone who tries to overcome his depression by drinking with his fellas or just covering it, to understand the relation between depression and hairstyle.

4. Eating off a friend’s plate is totally harmless for your diet...

We know it is perfectly fine for your diet eat off her plate, especially minutes later than telling your friend “Just order what you want, I am on a diet". We understand you, but just don’t try to explain it to men!

5. White briefs for men are annoying, because…

Don’t even bother explaining' If they are still produced, it means you
obviously can’t make your point well.

6. Garters are not for daily use...

Men kind is like children; they persistently ask for the things they saw on the TV shows or movies. So, it is very difficult for them to understand that garters or stockings are not for daily use; it is rather uncomfortable. He only cares how hot it looks to him.

7. Waxing doesn’t hurt that much once you get used to it...

He will always imagine himself getting waxed every time you try hard to explain that it actually doesn’t hurt that much; so it will never work.

8. Tights can keep you warm!

Leggings are arguable; but there is no way that you can convince a man that such thin fabric as tights could actually keep you really warm.

9. Just nothing...

A battle that has been lasting for centuries without a winner:

-Tell me what is wrong?


-But seems like there is

-I said nothing

-I can tell something is wrong

-Nothing is wrong

-.I am sure there is something wrong…

10. No one questions your manhood for asking for directions...

Don’t argue with him; some men consider asking for directions same as giving up their manhood. Real men find their own direction!

11. Call a repairman, don’t try to fix it!

It seems you don’t know men very well. If he doesn’t try repairing small things by himself, then make it worse and eventually get the overall cost 10 times more, what kind of man is it?

12. I won’t buy anything, just a quick price check for something!

... Well, they might have a point about this one...

13. He is just a friend!

This is totally in top three in terms of its difficulty to be understood by men. It is a terrible ordeal to try to convince a man that other guy is only but only a friend to you, nothing more.

14. That girl is hitting on you!

Are you actually trying to convince him or boosting his ego? Even if he is convinced, he behaves totally unaware just to hear it one more time.

15. 10 pairs of shoes = no shoes...

One classic one casual, having two pairs of shoes in total; how could a man understand your shoe deprivation with only 10 pairs?

16. You can’t just get what I mean that easily.

Men will never get why you are being indirect, using implications or making allusions. This is another dead-end: while you love being indirect, they will always ask you to be straightforward. Another draw!

17. I don’t have too many accessories, each one has different purpose!

Can you really explain why you have 25 different type of hair clippers while you can’t even explain the importance of shoes & make up?

18. We are going to restroom!

Since they visit bathrooms just to do their usual business there, men don’t get you might be going there together to refresh or exchange make-up or just to gossip about them. Sometimes a toilet is more than just a toilet!

19. Black shoes with brown bag? You gotta be kidding!

Do you seriously think you can make him understand color coordination between shoes, bags, shirts, pants or jackets?  To someone who combines brown jeans with yellow shirt and black shoes? Good luck with that!

20. What is wrong with brushing hair before sleep?

You expect too much from someone who doesn't brush his hair in the morning as well.

21. And yes, period pain is a real killer!

You may try as hard as you want. They will always think you are seeking attention or making a bigger deal.It’s just period after all, how painful can it be, right?

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