21 Things Kim Kardashian Did In 2008 That She’d Never Do Now


Rising reporter Ellie Woodward is known for her articles on the hottest family in America, the Kardashians. In one of her latest articles on Buzzfeed, Ellie wrote about how Kim Kardashian has changed over the past three years by listing the things Kim did back in 2008, but wouldn't do now. The article had over one million views and sparked controversy between Kim's fans and haters who got to read it. Enjoy!

1. Wear an “Obama for Change” T-shirt for a trip to the news stand to look at herself on the cover of a magazine.

2. Attend a McDonald’s event and pretend to eat a gigantic Big Mac.

3. Inexplicably pose next to a boom box.

4. Hold a random object up for no apparent reason.

5. Like a T-shirt.

6. Or candles.

7. Or bikini bottoms.

8. Carry a white handbag that is bigger than her actual self.

9. Pose for a photo like this.

10. Or this.

11. Film the paparazzi using a video camera.

Now she just Snapchats them.

12. Whatever’s going on here.

13. ??!?!?!?!?!

14. Participate in a catwalk show wearing a full velour tracksuit.

15. Be this excited over a fur gilet.

16. Have a competitive game of boules with Kris Jenner.

17. Pose slightly awkwardly in a ski jacket despite being in LA.

18. Apply lipgloss to a random stranger.

19. Wear a pair of trousers so long they cover her feet.

20. Pose for a photo while holding a single sneaker.

21. And, finally, take part in Dancing With the Stars and deck her whole family out in “Vote for Kim” T-shirts, only to be eliminated in the third week.

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