21 Moments To Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence!

> 21 Moments To Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence!

These are the moments that'll make your day...

1. Wearing boots.

1. Wearing boots.

But not everyday.  Only the first one or two days.  Your self-confidence rises, but then it'll start to lose its influence more and more each day.

2. Succeeding in shooting the garbage into the trash on the first try.

OH YEAH! A three pointer from a very looooong distance!!! Aaaaand basket! That's a last-second shot people!

3. Beating a level in games that no one else can pass.

'Give me that console, you retard' you say.😁😁

4. When everyone laughs at your joke

'Finally, man finally! I was waiting for this moment all my life.'😂

5. Standing on the bus without holding on to anything.

See also: 21 rules to be dashingly cool when using public transport  😄😂😂

6. When people talk about a book, and you can say you've read it before.

'I am an intellectual, my friends. 👊

7. When everybody likes a dish you cooked

That'll make you like cooking. 😊

8. Finding out that the person you like likes you back

Worth the whole world.

9. Looking good in every photo.

Just like Barney Stinson.

10. When waiting for a bus and the doors open just in front of you.

11. When people like your perfume and ask for its name

'It is made especially for me. Not for sale around here.' 😂😂

12. Making an insinuation, in front of everyone, to a senior who pisses you off all the time.

'I'm the boss, bitch!' 😎

13. Answering a question right in an exam that no one else can

'Don't be sad. You'll do it after a while. 😂'

14. Giving correct directions, on the first try, to a tourist who asks for an address.

15. Unscrewing a jar that no one else can.

In that moment, walk with your head up. 👊

16. Showing your drivers licence when you are asked for an ID.

16. Showing your drivers licence when you are asked for an ID.

'What, am I 16 already? I've got a drivers licence man. Woah!😎'

17. When you hear someone talking about you in a good way.

18. Scoring a goal while someone you like is watching you.

Like inflaming tribunes! 👊

19. Giving your jacket to your girlfriend when she is cold.

'Take it, don't get cold. I don't get that cold usually, anyway.😎'

20. Leaving a job you hated by slamming the door and yelling "I quit!"

But you should plan well before you do it, otherwise it might end up even worse.😁