21 Moments Only People Who Make The Best Of Every Moment Will Understand


Things that are not actually hard, but also the things we make difficult...

1. They feel the excitement of every moment. They know that they don't want to lose their sense of time. That's why they try to make the best of every minute passing by.

2. They put a smile on your face only with their existence. They have a healing effect on everyone around them.

3. They can make you rediscover everything you know, and they offer you a different approach of life.

4. Their life never evolves around money like many others.

Money can be important of course, but they don't live to earn money. They earn money to live. That's a big difference.

5. They work hard to get the things they want. They don't just wait for them to magically appear.

6. They don't discredit anyone. They generally offer constructive criticism.

7. They are humble. They don't drown in their own ego. Even if some people compliment them greatly, they humbly smile.

8. No matter what they do, they do it with such passion. Even if they become managers or CEOs, they still remain the way they are.

9. They don't live in the past. They know how to leave griefs and miseries behind.

10. They don't pick friends by their physical qualities or their rank. They have friends they can have fun and have a good time with.

11. They've already left behind the obsession "What will other people say?" years and years ago.

12. But it doesn't make them carefree. They don't only think of their own benefits. They don't know what selfishness is.

13. Spending time with their family and friends makes them happy more than anything. They LOVE having a family.

14. They also love making and discovering new things. They are well into science!

15. They don't have impossible expectations from life as in getting so rich that people would bow down in front of you. They like maintaining a simple life.

16. Raising their head and looking at the sky is enough for them to be happy for example.

17. A sip from tea or coffee can make them feel good.

18. A good movie or book could be the only necessity for them to enjoy the life.

19. They don't need to travel around the world to enjoy every moment. They can just close their eyes and imagine...

20. They can sing under the rain lowering their umbrella without the fear of getting wet.

21. In short, they don't care about the cup being half full or half empty. Even if that is empty, they have enough energy to fill it up.

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