21 Disturbing Scenes For Make-Up Addicts


Our cosmetics are like our babies. We spend tons of money on them and try to keep them safe.

But sometimes there are accidents that literally make us cry.  We compiled a list of those sad scenes from BuzzFeed.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com

1. A heartbreaking scene.

2. A total disaster.

3. How can you get mad at this face?

4. Gone forever...

5. Floating disappointment.

6. Too late..

7. Please fasten your seatbelts!

8. Point of no return.

RIP eyelashes.

9. Color tone on point.

10. How-to-be-patient 101

11. Loss of money..

12. Whyyy??

13. A real tragedy.

14. We need stronger glasses for these!!

15. Please...

16. Dreams are all destroyed.

17. Happiness smashed on the floor.

18. Unexpected death.

19. Kill me now!

20. Crime scene investigation.

21. Teardrops in my eyes..

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