20 Solid Reasons Why You Feel Depressed In Your 20s!

> 20 Solid Reasons Why You Feel Depressed In Your 20s!

People keep talking about a mid-life crisis or freaking out about hitting 30, but hitting the mid 20s is a whole another story we all experience. We share your pain...

1. The person you wanted to be and the person you are now are VERY different...

Because all these years, people said everything will go smoothly once you hit college and graduate. You thought all the job offers would come pouring in when you got your degree. But guess what? Those fkers had been lying to you all along!

2. Even though you're a grown up now, the boy inside you is still as crazy as the first day.

Because they never grow up. But people see it as a weakness when others reveal the kid within them. What BS!

3. You just want to sit there and play all the retro games you used to play.

Those beautiful days when you cared about NOTHING!

4. You try and find others you can love and who love you, but in this wretched world, you find nothing but pain and suffering.

Like all human beings, you want and need to be loved. What's wrong with that?

5. You are stressing out about letting your friends and family down. After all, you were raised with such high expectations.

It's harder than not doing it. Not doing it is never a choice and they'll never understand it.

6. You realize how everything was complete bullsh*t and wake up to painful reality.

You thought it was just as easy to become a rock star like in all those movies you've seen. That moment when you wake up from this pink dream will crush your soul...

7. You suddenly face all these responsibilities and feel crushed under 'em!

And no one helps you with them. You have to figure everything out on your own.

8. Same sh*t different day. The same routine kills you slowly!

Wake up, go to work, work like a dog, get back, go to bed...

Wake up, go to work, work like a dog, get back, go to bed...

Wake up, go to work, work like a dog, get back, go to bed...

9. Time literally flies and you can't find time for anything!

Maybe this is why you pause for a second when people ask your age.

10. You have so many things to follow, sort and think about. You can't really catch a break!

You are not going to save the world. Take a chillpill and stop eating yourself up.

11. The moment you step into real life, you realize it's a fierce war-zone. Your dreams are crushed!

You slowly find your place in this vicious cycle and start killing yourself day by day.

12. These are the years you think and question the most. You question your very existence and the meaning of life!

You're jealous of all others living in peace, not having to think about their future. You want a taste of that infinite freedom and happiness. But you can't have it!

13. Paranoia about your looks...

I'm getting old. I have all these gray hairs. What's with all these wrinkles on my forehead? What's to say about the circles around my eyes! Ugh, I feel like dying both on the inside and on the outside!

14. You want to be free, but you're only as free as your job and house goes...

You're trapped in this cycle and there's no getting out...

15. You're jealous of the types who drop everything and start traveling. You wonder what it is that you're missing?!

Maybe they have nothing to lose...

16. Your future, who will you be, what will you do, what will you like? - things as far and void as the depths of the universe.

Your biggest fear is now the future!

17. You postpone everything. Even making yourself happy!

You give up on happiness just because you're too afraid of the sadness that might follow.

18. You blame yourself for everything. Even for things that had nothing to do with you.

This is NEVER true. Everyone has their limits and you should know yours. Like we said before, you can't save the whole world.

19. You give yourself promises you won't be able to keep. You keep lying to yourself...

It's all about being a perfectionist and wanting more than what you can have!

20. And most importantly, you keep comparing yourself to others!

This is the most evil thing you could do to yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others, for it will do you NO good at all!