20 Situations Reminding You That Your Mom Is Your BFF!


Your mom has been your biggest fan since the day you were born. She is the person who is torn apart at your first day at school. 

Remember the games you played, your shopping sprees, all the times she cooked your favorite cookies after school to make you happy... Who else can be your BFF other than your mom?

She likes to gossip, she is always interested in hearing what's going on on your life. Plus, she always gives the best advice. 

Let's do some real talk here. Which BFF of yours appreciates you for your good manners and are proud of you? Who does favors for you without expecting anything in return? Where can you find a person with a open heart? Home. 

So here's all the things that will remind you that your mom is your BFF:

1. She is on your side, no matter what.


She's always there to protect you, and she hates to see you fail. That's the first rule of a good friendship, right?

2. She cares about you and your future, even more than you actually do.


"What do you want for dinner?" "What are your plans for the weekend?" "Are you going to wear that?" and many other questions. She is always ready to plan for you.

3. All the cartoons, video games and playgrounds- Just to see you happy.


She doesn't have to share your interest in cartoons or video games. She just likes hanging out with you.

4. She's the only person who cares about what you're going to wear on a snowy day.

From putting an umbrella in your bag to wondering about the meaning of that bad dream you had last night... The littlest details in your life have major importance to your mom. Think about it. If it wasn't for her, you'd still think that that cornflakes is the best breakfast. She is there to make your life better.

5. She tries to keep up with your generation's habits.


You can't blame her for not understanding everything that happens in your life. How can you explain to her the meaning of "just hanging out" with the guy you've been seeing for months? Even if she doesn't understand the millennial trends, she tries her best to make you feel like she does.

6. You can get drunk with them and we can guarantee that you'll have fun.


We admit that this is not very common. However, you'll be proud of her when she is persevering through a bad hangover. You know that forgetting all the responsibilities is really difficult for her. Letting go of things together with her will make you feel amazing.

7. She wants to see your success.


Beating her score in Candy Crush doesn't count. She wants to see you successful, so that she can brag about you in front of her friends.

8. She tries her best to make you feel special.


She listens to you about your day. She cheers you up on your worst days. She even cooks your favorite meal, just to make you happy. You're the one and only for her, and she doesn't miss any opportunity to show you that.

9. She cares about what you wear more than anyone else.


Her criticism might be harsh, but your mom is the only person that will be completely honest with you through your fashion crimes. Your hair dyed green, your eyebrow piercing, your tattoo fail... Sooner or later, you'll realize that she was right all along.

10. She is more eager to celebrate your birthday than her own.

Your birthday is even more special to your mother. That's the day she got you! Of course she wants to celebrate this special day.

11. She knows your shopping habits more than anyone.


She knows what you like from the day you're born. Trust her when she says that dress looks good on you. She was your very first style icon, remember?

12. She's with you with all your random nonsense.


All you expect from a BFF.

13. No matter how hard you try to hide it, she has the ability to see everything.


She is the one who can remind you of all your shameful moments, from peeing yourself to falling in love with the neighbor's son. So don't try to hide anything from her. You might feel like an adult, but she will read you from your expressions in a millisecond.

14. She always shares her food with you


It doesn't matter if she is hungry or not. Her little one shouldn't be hungry at all.

15. Even your first world problems are important for her, and she gives the most honest advice.


Your mom is the definition of being patient. She's been there through all your teenage drama. She knows that love is the solution to all problems.

16. PJ's are okay, at home and basically anywhere else.


17. She wants to hear about your bad news.


She is the only person that won't accept the answer "I'm okay." Even if you try to project all your anger to your mom, she will be there for you.

18. She has plenty of stories that will compete with yours.


Don't try to fool her. She's been there and done that.

19. No matter how old you get they want to hear your daily accomplishments.


Just can't get enough.

20. Remember: Half of your character is inherited from your mother's genes.


If you don't believe us, ask her. She'll explain how her awesomeness is inherited to you. Knowing that you'll be exactly like her in the future is kind of scary, isn't it?

Lol. We love you guys.

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