20 Most Hated Video Game Characters


These are the most useless and annoying characters ever created!

1. The Duck Hunt Dog

Aren't you supposed to be our best friend or whatever?

2. Lakitu from Super Mario Series

You can see his sinister smile even behind that cloud covering his face.

3. Snarks from Half-Life

Go bugs go!!! No no no not my leg. Nooooooo!

4. "S" dude of Tetris

You always thought it was a "Z" right? 

It's okay if I don't get the "I" piece. Just don't send these douchebags.

5. Big Smoke and Ryder

Spoilers: These bastards betray you hard.

6. Beheaded Kamikazes from Serious Sam Series

Actually I think I like them. Ha ha, some dudes with no heads crying out loud.

7. That "I love my red card and I have no hesitations in using it" referee from PES

His name is Kazuki Ito.

8. Headcrabs

Jump scares... Jump scares everywhere.

9. Hostages from Counter-Strike

They have an IQ of minus 100.

10. That last pig standing at Angry Birds

It's the reason you played the same level 1000 times.

11. Toad from Super Mario

How many castles are there and how come you get trapped in each of them.

12. Dhalsim from Street Fighter

Equivalent of this one in Tekken is Eddy Gordo. Only dweeps pick them. Don't do it. I repeat: Do not!

13. Dr. Boom From Hearthstone


Whoever designed this most balanced card ever should be proud of themselves. Fortunately he is leaving us soon due to new formats. 

Necessary Warning: Bots may explode. In your face. It'll hurt.

14. Weirdly colored jumping monkey from Circus Charlie

The whole game is a bad trip.

15. Tyrael from Diablo

He buries the soul stones like a dog hiding its bones. Every time someone digs them up and a new game appears.

16. Goro from Mortal Kombat

It's cool when semi bosses are harder than the actual boss. It's not cool when they are impossible to defeat.

17. Magikarp from Pokemon


(Nothing happened)

18. Mine from Mine Sweeper

Obvious post is obvious

19. That starving but instead eating being social Sim

It's the same Sim who is trying to cook when the kitchen is covered with flames.

20. That wolf from Age of Empires who ended a whole civilization even before it's born

You thought you gonna have some epic battles right?

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