20 Defining Features Of A True Virgo

> 20 Defining Features Of A True Virgo

You're used to being called perfectionist, neat and different as you were born a Virgo. Those are your true colors!

Moreover, you are also proud of your attractive and interesting personality. You don't show it very often but we know that!


1. You are tidy, you are neat!

Even the inside of your head is organized.

All you ever want is for everything to go smoothly. You are not obsessed with cleaning; all you need is to be organised. That's all. You can't even think about the opposite. After all, you were the one who spent 5 hours organizing your desk before you started studying.

2. How do you feel about being upfront all the time?

It's impossible for you to listen to someone rambling in front of you. You say what you're thinking asap. For this reason, you don't get along with everyone. Honesty is your game, and not everyone can handle it.

3. People usually think that you are distant. Only the ones close to you know your true personality.

You are distant because not everyone can handle your young bright mind. If only they could see your kind heart...

4. You are a true realist!

Sure, you daydream and you have your own imagination. However, you always try to keep in touch with reality. This is why everyone comes to you to ask your real opinion. If someone is trying to drag you into a dream world, they can just keep trying because you would never fall for it.

5. Has anyone ever told you that you are a perfectionist?

You never get tired of looking for perfection, even when you are doodling or taking notes. You devote yourself to what you are doing, no matter what.

6. Don't ever lie to a Virgo.

There is a super intelligent and brutally honest person in front of you. They won't hesitate to confront you if they realize that you are lying.

7. You are an artsy type.

Literature, poetry, theatre or movies... You enjoy arts and you like to share your knowledge about them. Next time, we are coming to you for a suggestion!

8. Have a little patience!

You are the definition of being patient. You were born this way no one can change it. Though your honesty will show up eventually, no one can reach your patience level easily.

9. You might enjoy talking about yourself a bit, so what?

You know your own worth, but you can be a little arrogant at times. All we can do is to listen to you.

10. Your life goal: to love and to be loved!

You wanna be adored! I mean who doesn't!!! Being appreciated means the world to you. This might be caused from your inability to show your love. No is judging you for this, everyone wants to be adored! 😋

11. You help your loved ones no matter what!

You have the biggest heart! Nothing can stop you from that, not even hate. If you love someone, you don't hesitate to help them. One single phone call is enough!

12. You never ever forget!

As we told you before, this one is intelligent. They never forget about how others make them feel. All the good and bad feelings are restored in them. So next time you do a Virgo wrong, you better think twice.

13. You live for all the tiny details.

You don't need scientific purposes to analyze something. You can read someone's character just by looking at them. You live to observe details- this is pretty normal for you.

If something bothers the Virgo, they tend to think about it for a long time. They analyze every single detail about the matter but wait for the right time to express their opinion.

14. As you already know, you are funny!

Your jokes always indicate the features of a Virgo - they are always the funniest and most unexpected!

15. It's hard not to notice that you are different than the others around you.

No one can expect you to be ordinary like others. You have the most unique ideas. You are not following popular trends, as you are too busy creating the trends. Your looks and your character are so very unique. What can you do about it?

16. Can we do some serious talk?

You're almost like a robot when it comes to fixing things. This always helps you when you have to keep your budget on track. In short, you know how to save money when you need to.

17. You don't like it when things change too much.

You like the routine more than the chaos. This is the reason why you devote yourself when you start to do something. Making significant changes is not your thing.

18. You know how to have FUN!!!

There is a thin line between having fun and getting wasted. You never get wasted because you love to sleep in your PJs. Say hi to those who don't have the energy to change before they go to sleep!!

19. That Virgo friend of yours knows what they're doing. Remember that next time!

The perfectionist in Virgos helps them to make the best decisions for themselves. Considering this, you might want to leave them on their own.

20. They have great foreseeing abilities. Listen to them!

Everyone can give advice, but taking advice from a Virgo is totally different. They are able to make profound estimations about the future.