19 VERY Useful Products Guaranteed To Make Your Pet Hate Your Guts!


If you love your pet and your love is turning into obsession, these items will do the trick for you! They will make it clear it's your pet from the outside but on the inside, it will eat your adorable pets alive! Stop tormenting those cute things!

1. Leash for your birds

Well, it's much better than a poorly constructed cage but don't think that way. Your bird might start thinking it's a dog and may end up leaving its flying skills behind!

2. Sand bag for cats

You put this around your cat's neck so that it won't jump around, go climb a tree or run over the place and always being off balance. You might as well just carry it on your lap everywhere you go. That cat will have its revenge, you can be sure of that!

3. Cat tiara

If your cat is called Princess, say no more! This tiara will get you sorted. But your cat will definitely go paranoid about that weird thing on its head.

4. Table seat for your dog

Do you enjoy sitting at the table and dining with your precious dog? First of all, what's the matter with you? Secondly, do NOT buy something like this, EVER!

5. Washing machine for dogs

Rumor says dogs love this machine and getting cleaned. We think it's complete bullshit. Look at that thing all scared and helpless, trapped inside!

6. Time to take a walk with your fishie?

You can put your fish into this compact tank and walk them around. But we think the constant fear and shock they will go through is not worth it. Why would you transfer it every now and then and it's already a big world in the tank for them.

7. Mink fur coat for dogs

So you have gone completely nuts and you want to put another product made of an animal on your dog and for over $700?! Seriously, get lost!

8. Nail polish for cats and dogs

Do they have French nails or long lasting types too? -.-

9. Animal dye

So you've painted the nails and want to go ahead? It's washable yes but do you really think this is a good look?

10. Dog perfume

During rainy days, MAYBE. But why else would you have your dog smelling all so differently for over $45? Just use your own if you're that into it.

11. Pet sweep

You like multi-tasking don't you? So you want your pet to clean up after himself as he walks all over the place? Keep in mind that they won't be able to actually move after you put them on!

12. Dog diaper

This might be the only useful thing but still, it's against their nature and those eyes in the photo clearly beg for mercy.

13. Poopie trap

It's good for the environment and for yourself. What about their right to live naturally and poop naturally?

14. Tweeting dogs!

Yes, this exists! You attach this to your dog and it tweets every time it licks itself. Why? God knows why?!

15. Purring detector

We love cats and we love playing with them. Especially when they playfully purr and ask for more playtime. This new thingie lights up every time your cat purrs and indicates it wants to play.

16. Sticker for your dog's tushy.

You want to put a cool sticker on the butthole to avoid unnecessary lickings? How will it ever take a dump then?

17. Sex toys for pets

If they are very active sexually and humping everything inside the house, this is a solution?! It's such a disturbing image if you ask me. Just go get the problem sorted instead.

18. Doggie bag (not for food this time)

This will establish how you see your pet. As an item or as a living being. Now that we got that out of the way, we can start questioning its necessity.

19. Charming lips

They look funny but just a couple of seconds. How would you feel is they put something this lame on you and kept making fun of you?

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