19 Things That Were Cool In The 2000s But Definitely Aren't Now!


Remember last decade, how we thought that we were living through the best of times? In fact, it was actually kind of the worst of times.

These were dark times because it was an era in which Paris Hilton was considered cool, a time when you would have sold your Nan for a chance to get something velvet emblazoned with JUICY all over it, and when ‘poppin’ ya collar’ was considered the slickest dance move you could do. Oh, the shame.

With the help of Buzzfeed, we decided to list 19 things that will show you the 00s weren’t as cool as we originally thought.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/beckybarnicoat/...

1. You thought that pig’s trotter trainers were the height of cool.😖😖😖

2. Almost as cool as the boho look.

3. WIDE belts on dresses or skirts.

WIDE belts on dresses or skirts.
WIDE belts on dresses or skirts.

4. That mini-mullets were super hot on guys.

5. That butterfly hairclips were both useful and extremely pretty.

6. And that one sleeve was better than two.

7. That boots should be suede and baggy with tassles.

8. That warm feet and bare legs was a good compromise.

9. Or skirts on pants...

10. That straight hair was worth the cheek and ear burns.

11. That corset tops were glam and sexy.

12. And thongs were a casual look that should peek out from your low-waisted jeans.


13. That chunky highlights made it look like you’d spent the summer surfing at the beach.

14. And Paris and Nicole, though irritating, were on some level friendship goals.

15. You thought spray tan looked natural, as long as no one saw your wrists, neck, or ankles.

16. And every song by Blue...

17. That phone.

18. And MySpace too.

19. And everything you see here:

It's really hard to believe, but those were the days...

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