19 Reasons Why The Japanese Deserve A Better Country!


Unlike its great people, the geography of Japan is known for its hostility. Not only is it too small for Japan's high population, it's also vulnerable to many natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. You know you need to move to a new land if you can't find any houses larger than 400 square feet. As the world's champion in high tech and robotics, Japan totally deserves a new home for its people.

1. No offence meant to Japanese people, but geographically speaking, their country is positioned in one of the worst places on earth.

2. Hundreds of earthquakes occur every day, both small and big scale.

3. When earthquakes are not destructive enough, tsunamis come.

4. It's not easy to find flat land.

5. Even when you think you found it, there is probably a mountain on it.

6. In addition to tsunamis and earthquakes, it has many active volcanoes.

7. Finding space to build houses is a serious problem.

8. You are lucky if your house is larger than 300 square feet.

9. Almost 130 Million people live on less than 1/25 of the United States' land area.

10. Nevertheless, Japan is a pioneering country in some vital industries.

11. It's home to some of the world's largest high-tech corporations, and has a leading role in sectors like informatics, automotive, nano-technology, and AI.

12. Considering their significance and contributions, we (the rest of the people of earth) owe Japanese people a much more spacious, livable, comfortable, friendly living area.

13. It's totally unfair that Japanese engineers, who invent new things everyday to make our lives easier, live in 200 square feet, while some of the most self-centered people, that are no good to anyone but themselves, have giant houses.

14. There is no doubt that, with their hard-work and achievements so far, Japanese people deserve the best!

15. They should be given a land that is earthquake-free, active-volcano-free, and not very distant to the rest of the world. (And preferably with a nice sea view)

16. Apparently, there are beautiful, but uninhabited parts of Russia. Since it's not very far from their current land, they could move there very easily. Australia or New Zealand would also do.

17. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mun should be more concerned with this issue. After consulting Japanese people, they should be relocated to somewhere they would like to live.

18. We are confident that, even if they are relocated to the Sahara, Japanese people have the knowledge, strength and work discipline to turn it into one of the most fertile lands in the world in less than 5 years.

19. So, the current Japan can be inscribed to the world cultural heritage list with the name "Old Japan," and the revenue from the tourist activities there could be used for charity.

Japan deserves much better than this; let's give them better!

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