19 Most Absurd Situations Only Familiar To People Who Played Sims!


Rosebud rosebud rosebud.

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1. You're nothing unless you move into one of these mansions.

2. You better think twice before you passionately kiss someone because you might end up with a baby.

3. In the world of Sims there are only 5 types of personality traits: Neat, Outgoing, Active, Playful, and Nice.

There is nothing bad about it! It's only worse when these traits are low.

4. In the Sims world, sex is two people yelling inside of a shaky bed.

5. Anyone can be a designer or an architect.😂

6. Although parties are not the best, a birthday cake can suddenly change the mood. You don't need to have an actual birthday to bring in the cake.

7. If you leave the newspaper outside for just one day, they'll get old and bruised for no reason.

8. If you don't look after your baby, the SimCity Social Services will come into the scene. They can take away your offspring in the blink of an eye.

9. If you don't have the money to order pizza, you can just sell one of your windows. No biggie. It doesn't have to be that difficult.

10. No matter how shitty your place is spending 4,500 dollars on a vibrating heart-shaped bed is a good investment!

11. Make sure no one removes the ladders while you're in the pool. You have to be extra careful, you know.

12. In the Sims world, being an adult doesn't necessarily mean that you know how to deal with a fire.

13. Your invitations can be cancelled for the most ridiculous reasons. Socializing in the Sims world is not an easy task.

"I would but I'm expecting the mailcarrier sometime today."

14. Your children might be sent out to military school over one or two F's. You don't get to see each other ever again.

15. If you're sad, a sad looking clown appears and follows you everywhere you go.

16. You have to pee but you don't have the patience to go the bathroom. No worries, just pee wherever you want.

17. We can say that there's a legal system. However, its functionality is debatable.


18. So you cheated on your boyfriend with an old lady neighbor of yours. However, don't expect that your affair will kiss you in front of your boyfriend.

19. Be careful what you wish for with different user modes.

BONUS: There is a magical word that brings all of your dreams come true. ROSEBUD!

We can play forever and ever!





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