19 Medieval Doctors Whose Technique Needs A Little Bit Of Explanation


These drawings from medieval age will surprise you more than what you see on TV! 😱😱😱

Note from the editor: Maybe they have an explanation, but we certainly don’t :)

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/carolinekee/med...

1. His patient is poisoned, but he still has to think about his new velvet robe.. He has a point tho..

2. When your dentist needs to take a giant tooth worm out of your mouth. A worm with teeth? :S

3. Plague doctor’s costume is more terrifying than the plague itself:

4. When the medical team gets fucked up before your head operation.

5. When your physician is mad because it’s her 100th time sweeping the bugs out of your hair.

6. When the dentist needs to push off your chest because he’s not strong enough to remove a tooth.

7. Just some other doctors talking about how talented your doctor is while he slices your head.

8. When the doctor decides to shove a vase into your butt in public.

9. When your doctor can’t figure out how to fix your shoulder so he randomly moves it while you wait there crying-laughing.

10. When your doctor cuts your vein and tries to keep the floor clean with a bowl.

11. When your doctor can’t find enough time to treat your smallpox because he’s too busy blowing dandelion puffs in the air.

Bubonic plague treatment? 

12. When your doctor scolds you about your giant testicles, with a bowl on his head.

13. Finding the right angle is the most important thing for a gynecologist.

14. When you’re late for your appointment so your doctor punishes you by drilling a hole in your head.

15. Doing splits while cutting his patients head. This doctor's got some balls.

16. When the doctor hangs you to a chandelier so you can give birth to your hairy adult baby.

17. When you calmly hold an egg while your doctor gets the fucking thing out of your eye..

18. When your doctor puts you in the weirdest position to reach your hemorrhoids.

19. The purpose is to drown. I guess?

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