19 Funniest Photos Show That Growing Up With Siblings Is Living In Hell On Earth!


Growing up with siblings is a real rollercoaster. When you think you are having the time of your life, chaos can be caused! Here are people who swear to screw their siblings' life!

1. "We always get each other ironic gifts, my little sister killed it this year: batteries not included."

2. "Sister snuck this into my bathroom while I was in the shower. Never been so scared in my life."

3. "My brother and I were cleaning out the attic, but then I heard an “OH SH*T!!!” following a loud crash and saw THIS above me. I chose to take a photo before asking questions."

4. "My appendix burst and my brothers are wankers."

5. "My 13 year old sister thinks she’s hilarious."

6. "I had a lot of explaining to do when my parents found this on their camera roll… In my defense he deserved it…"

7. "My sign for my sister running her half iron man race tomorrow."

8. "Girlfriend’s brother was very honest today."

9. "My sister and her boyfriend are heading up to our cabin tomorrow night, so I left them a present for when they turn on the lights."

10. "Had my leg amputated and my brother shows up to the hospital dressed as a pirate."

11. "I asked my sister to dry my pants while I got dressed and I came across this."

12. "The moment my friend’s son realizes that he’s no longer the baby of the family."

13. "Did your siblings ever tell you were adopted? Did they ever make fake adoption papers and emails? Well mine did."

14. "My sister said all she wanted for Christmas was cash…So naturally I suspended $20 worth of change in Jello."

15. "My nephew waiting for his brother to come out of his bedroom."

16. "My brother decided to take this lovely photo of me, 2 months pregnant, crying and eating Ben and Jerry’s."

17. "My mom wanted a selfie of her sons at our sisters wedding!"

18. "My sister loves her (new) gift. You can really see it in her face."

19. BONUS:

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