19 Disney Screencaps That Went Totally Wrong (Yet So Hilariously Right)


You know them very well. Those adorable, lovely Disney characters... But when you pause the movie at just the right time, you’ll see them doing weird stuff and just wonder: WTF?!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/andyneuenschwan...

1. Aladdin turns into Elvis for a second...

2. Light hits Ursula just right.

3. Tarzan suddenly gets a giraffe neck.

4. So you see where Sultan’s hand is, right?

5. Flynn and Maximus are just, well, losing it.

6. The lamp becomes a glowing sea urchin.

7. Once upon a time, this was a pure, innocent love.

8. Princess Ting-Ting doing funny faces.

9. Just leave Prince Eric alone for a moment!

10. This happened. Bubbles lost half his face for a second.

11. This time it’s Tarzan doing funny faces.

12. Aladdin got yelled at so hard that the bones left his body.

13. Well, this happened too.

14. Gaston freaks out!


15. Flynn’s anatomy is a bit weird.

16. Colette is not OK.

17. Flynn was maybe taking a dump?


18. Jessie was about to sneeze, maybe?

19. And finally, Anna punched Hans so hard her fist disappeared into his face!

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