19 Challenges Awaiting Fresh Graduates This Summer!

> 19 Challenges Awaiting Fresh Graduates This Summer!

You have graduated from college with all the ups and downs. When you first laid your hands on your diploma, you were incredibly happy. Think about it, you were a student for 16-17 years and that life is finally over! Now you are taking on a new life, but what will that be like? Congrats! You are now in the black hole where all graduates meet.

1. You are facing the fact that for the first time in your life you are not going back to school. The summer is almost over but you have absolutely no idea what to do.

2. While everybody is settling into their new places, you have to sleep in your childhood bedroom.

3. Seeing Facebook and Instagram pictures of your friends who are still studying makes you want to punch the screen.

4. Now your roommates are your parents. However, this time the reason you are having fights with your roommates will not be the late bills or the pile of dirty dishes.

Now they will be pressuring you to find a job and get married, and I mean non-stop…

5. The cool t-shirts you once had in college are now used for cleaning because you have to dress more formally now that you are about to enter professional life.

6. While everybody is back-to-school shopping, all the shopping you do is buy a loaf of bread from the store around the corner and come back.

7. You start meeting up with your high-school friends, whom you haven’t seen for four whole years. Each of your lives has turned out very differently though. You won’t be seeing them more than two or three times.

8. You now have lots of free time to be alone and get incredibly bored. The times when you were sitting alone on the campus, bored, have suddenly become something that you deeply miss.

9. At some point, you even start missing the stupid gossip circling round the campus.

10. Now you are one of those people who have to pay to exercise. The good old times when you could just go to the university gym for free are now long gone.

11. While uploading new pictures on Instagram is other people's main concern, what is most important to you is keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date.

12. You just can’t believe how unprepared you are for real life after those four years in college.

13. And if you were born a man, military service is the biggest obstacle ahead of you. You can’t decide if you should postpone it or if you should just pull through and get it over with.

The phrase “Male candidates who have no military obligation…” in job ads shows you how the system works.

14. You no longer have to cook for yourself, but you don’t have any say in choosing your food either.

No matter what your mom cooks, you have to eat everything on the plate!

15. While everybody else is having fun at the parties before the semester starts, you have to spend your quality time watching TV series with your mom.

“Oh God, I spent four years away in college, but the TV series are still the same! Different titles and the same old stories…”

16. You feel what it means to be broke in every cell of your body. Even putting enough money together for one bus ride can sometimes be quite a challenge.

And you thought you had no money in college, didn’t you?

17. On top of everything, you have to start paying back your loans. You tense up more and more as the deadline draws closer.

18. Now you have to watch your curfew hours at home. You might have to ask for daddy’s permission to leave in the middle of the night.

You will be asked the question: “Who are you going out with at this hour? Will there be boys as well?”

19. Wherever you look, you remember those awesome four years that just flew by. A movie or the rain outside can remind you of a beautiful memory…

Those great years are now gone and you know that nothing else will be able to top them.