18 Things To Note Before Making Fun Of Tree Huggers!


Capitalism tries to trivialize the social movements that go against its principles with some insulting concepts. Just like Gandhi said: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

1. As we all know, the term "tree hugger" is actually used to insult environmentalists.

2. Merriam Webster defines this phrase as follows:

"someone who is regarded as foolish or annoying because of being too concerned about protecting trees, animals, and other parts of the natural world from pollution and other threats"

3. Although it has become an object of derision, there is a tragic story behind the coining of the phrase 'tree hugger'

4. The incident took place in 1730, in India. The subject matter was a palace construction.

5. And trees had to be cut down for this cause.

6. However, the people who were supposed to cut the trees were greeted by 363 people, who wanted to save the trees at the cost of their lives.

7. But then, these 363 heroes were slaughtered by the people who were supposed to cut the trees.

8. However, their sacrifices weren't in vain. Their deaths caused legislation that limits the amount of the trees able to be cut.

9. Coming back to the present day, there are thousands of reasons for us to be a tree-hugger ASAP. The most important one of these many reasons is climate change.

10. According to a recent measurement the CO₂ levels in the atmosphere has exceeded 400 particles per million.

11. Here is what this means:

Humans have burned enough fossil fuels to cause the CO₂ levels to exceed the levels of the last 400.000 years. This has then led to a rise in the temperature, which has caused glaciers to melt and an increase in acid levels in oceans. Some excessive weather events have become more likely and more dangerous. This will go on as the earth continues to get warmer and warmer.

12. At this point, let us add that the yearly amount of carbon dioxide that all the forests in the world can clear is 2.5 billion metric tons.

13. In other words, the forests and other flora clear 30% of the carbon dioxide that is caused by humans.

14. An average adult tree absorbs around 2.3 kg carbon dioxide per hour, and produces 1.7 kg oxygen with photosynthesis.

15. Of course, it isn't that easy: there are still many things that need to change. However, forestation is still the simplest method to go with to stop and maybe reverse climate change.

16. Now, before you make fun of tree huggers, you have to ask yourself what kind of a world you would like to live in.

17. Is this the world that you want to live in?

18. Or this? It is up to you!

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