18 Steps to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee with an Italian Moka Pot


When we talk about coffee, most of us get really excited and some people are pretty passionate about it. They travel around the world to find good coffee beans, try to improve their barista skills, and get very angry when they are served bad coffee like dish-water. 

Well, these are the steps to make a good espresso at home with an Italian pot, simple and easy. Away from hammy and gummy narrations.

First you need to find a fine grounded coffee of your choice; smooth, strong or mild.

Clean your moka pot. No one cleans it after the usage, it is probably because it gets really hot.

Fill the container with fresh water. Don't fill it up to the brim, leave one finger inch space.


Insert the filter basket in the middle, be aware of water shouldn't reach the filter holes.

Put some grinded coffee around 2-3 table spoons.

Give it a little tap.

Place the top portion of the moka pot.

Screw the top onto the bottom tightly.

Place your pot on the stove and turn it on to medium-high temperature.

Around 3-5 minutes later, you'll hear a bubbling-rattling noise. That means brewing is done.

Your espresso is ready. Pour it to an espresso cup.

If you want to make an Americano, add some hot water on it.

If you'd like to make a Latte, steam your milk and try to make it like a foam.

You'll need to spend a lot of time practicing to make a Rosetta with milk.

And sometimes the pot gets stuck because you screwed it really tight.

You ask your friend to help you with that. You kindly say, 'Can you open it, please?'

You ask your friend to help you with that. You kindly say, 'Can you open it, please?'

And she opens its cap...

She's like 'There is nothing to it.'

She's like 'There is nothing to it.'

And proves that she is a complete alien.

And you are like 'ARRGH!'

BONUS: Here is an introduction how it works:

For the ones who didn't get it yet.

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