18 Quick Tips For Stronger Orgasms

> 18 Quick Tips For Stronger Orgasms

These 18 tips were selected among what people said they do for a stronger orgasm, so we hope that these work for you as well!

1. First of all, make sure that your head is clear.

'Although your partner makes the right moves at the right time, you can't orgasm if you aren't happy and worry-free.'

2. Putting a pillow under your hips can work wonders by changing the angle of penetration.

3. Experiment with edging.

'When I am just about to orgasm, I stop and relax for 10 seconds, and then I go again. The orgasm that you get after doing this for a couple of times is just incredible. There is nothing like delayed pleasure.'

4. Let your partner use their tongue and fingers at the same time.

5. Experiment with sex toys.

6. If you get stuck in one position, you are missing out on a lot.

'The only way that ensures that I have an orgasm within minutes is me being on top. I prefer coitus over clitoral stimulation.'

7. To build better tension, try masturbating at a steady pace.

8. If you take a break from masturbating or sex for a while, your comeback will be epic.

'After taking a 1-2 week  break from sex and masturbation, doing it again is much more effective and awesome.'

9. Tease yourself by thinking about the things that turn you on during the day.

'Thinking about the things that turn you on during the day and watching porn without touching yourself will make a fantastic night when you eventually start taking action.'

10. Pick a position that will also enable you to use your hands and tongue.

11. Practice with the shower head.

12. Ladies: Allow your partner to use his fingers and stimulate your clitoris while he is still in you.

13. Try different oils and see what awesome things they can do.

14. A slightly curved dildo can give you great orgasms by stimulating your G spot.

15. When your body starts tensing up, try to relax your muscles as much as you can.

'This will help you reach orgasm and your orgasm will last longer.'

16. Guys, don't ignore your prostate!

'Massage your prostate or ask your partner to do it. Because it is a nerve center, you will have insane orgasms once it is stimulated.'

17. If you are close, tell your partner to keep the rhythm.

'Don't speed up, thinking that it will be better. Stick to your rhythm!'

18. And if you like something, say it. This will make everything so much better for both parties.