18 Moments Women Who Don't Easily Fall In Love Relate!

> 18 Moments Women Who Don't Easily Fall In Love Relate!

We won't make big claims such as 'There is no such thing as love.' Of course, there might be love or people who are crazily in love. However, what they do is kind of compromising for themselves.

Women who can't fall in love can't compromise themselves. 😔

1. These women know that love's life expectancy is a couple of days and it will sooner or later result in fights.

After the honey-moon period, every relationship follows the same course.

2. They are independent. They don't need anybody.

They don't need the obstacles of the people who say 'I'll support you.'

3. Moreover, they know the intentions of the people who approach them.

Of course everybody is different, but even the ones who look most innocent might follow a very irrelevant path.  😕

4. They like spending time for themselves. They don't want to waste their time on others.

They don't even want to hear the questions 'Who are you with? What are you doing? Why did you reply so late?'

5. For example, finishing the book that they haven't been able to start for a long time is way better for them.

6. Or to focus on their career/education...

7. Or to be there for their family. Wasting time on a temporary person just doesn't make sense.

They have better things to do than being exposed to jealous comments or questions.

8. They can't take the fake attitudes of others. They want to get real and experience everything as it is.

They hate people who pretend to be different.

9. They don't want to deal with people who have too much...

10. Or too little self esteem.

Because finding the middle way is more difficult than looking for a needle in a hay stack.

11. They don't want to mother the guys in their 20s and still act like a spoiled kid.

There are few people who know how to behave and talk. Teaching them the right way is torturous.

12. Their friends are more than enough for them. Going to the next level is both unnecessary and meaningless.

Why bother pretending to like somebody that you don't, just to be able to do the things that you can do with your friends?

13. Nobody can tell such women what to do or how to act. That's why they hate the mainstream relationships of our day.

Because that's how most of the relationships go. Even the smartest person can end up like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

14. She might have recently lost somebody that she cared about. And maybe she knows that no one can take that person's place.

It is possible that she has loved before and nobody would be as good as that person for her.

15. Sometimes they try to trust somebody and let go of the things. However, they fail every single time, because the other person will definitely do something stupid.

That's why they quickly drift away from people.

16. They can see through the cheap lies and fake faces. They don't want to be deceived by such people.

And those who look you right in the eye and lie through their teeth... It is because of them that these women are distant and cold.

17. They know that nobody can meet their expectations. They don't expect people to change, either.

Of course changing people is too pretentious and not within the rights of anybody. But these women at least expect to be on the same page, and if that's not the case, they get away from these people quickly.

18. And that's why they always end up alone and try to explain their situation kindly to their suitors.

Because they don't want to hurt anybody just because they are who they are... 😕