18 Little But Painfully Embarrassing Moments In Everyday Life


Embarrassment ? Ohh Yess!! Whether the condition is rich or poor, there are some sorts of embarrassments that we face in our day-to-day lives. So we've listed the 18 most common and painfully embarrassing moments that we face often in life. Have a look at them!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/florapaul/im-go...

1. When someone says “happy birthday” and you respond with “you too.”

2. That moment you say, “Good, and you?” after someone says, “Good, and you?”

3. The irritation of realizing you just said “goodnight” at eight in the morning.

4. And nothing shows off your good manners better than when you say “sorry” after bumping into a… table.

Though if the table could talk, ıt’d appreciate the apology.

5. And isn’t it odd how embarrassing it can be to fill up your hand with conditioner instead of shampoo?

6. And let’s not forget those handshakes that turn into lame half hugs.

7. And never quite knowing what to do when someone from another country comes in for a cheek kiss.

8. That feeling you have after saying “thanks” to someone when you’ve just done them a favor.

9. Cashier: “Credit or debit?” You: “Yes.”

10. Saying “nice to meet you” to someone you had already met before.

11. Or worse, complimenting someone before realizing you’re talking to the wrong person.

“Hey, great job on that report!” “What report?”

12. You haven’t suffered until you’ve called the same wrong number twice and had the same person pick up both times.

13. Almost getting on an escalator going the wrong direction.

14. And back at school, how about that day when you accidentally called your teacher “mom?”

15. You die a little bit every time you try to swipe your work ID to get on the train or bus and vice versa.

16. Saying “thanks” when you meant to apologize.

17. Saying goodbye to someone then realizing in horror that you’re both walking in the same direction.

18. And, of course, that moment you accidentally yell “HELLO?” in response to the door bell instead of “I’M COMING!”

You’ll never get over the pain.

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