17 Typical Misconceptions About The Earth


We never stop learning new things. There are some facts that we hear so much that we never consider them to be wrong, even if science indicates the opposite. Here are the most common misconceptions about the Earth and the universe!🌌🌠🌌🌠

1. Most of us think that the sun is yellow. However, in reality the rays are white. We see the sun as yellow because of the earth's atmosphere.


2. The Sahara Desert is not the largest desert on the earth. The largest desert is Antarctica, as the definition of desert includes the places that are dry and impossible to inhabit.


3. When you make a call, the signal that is sent from your phone never returns to a phone. To put it simply, this signal is a wireless radio signal. The thing that connect two phones are the wireless towers.


4. The Great Wall of China is not the only construction that can be seen from space. It depends on your definition of space.


If by space, you mean the International Space Station, which is only 400 kilometres above, you'll be able to see many more buildings alongside the Great Wall of China.

If by space you mean The Moon, you won't be able to see anything from there.

5. "Lightning never strikes the same place twice." This statement is not true.


A lightning can strike the same place many different times. For instance, lightning strikes the Empire State Building each year around 100 times.

6. The highest mountain on the Earth is known to be Mount Everest. However, this calculation is based on its distance from sea level. However, if the calculation is made according to the its height, the highest mountain is Mauna Kea in Hawaii.


More than half of Mauna Kea is hidden under the Pacific Ocean, but it's not considered higher than Everest.

7. We all learned that water has good conductive properties. However, in reality pure water or distilled water is not good to conduct electricity.


The electrified water does shock us because of the conductive mineral and other matters inside the water.

8. The common belief about the dark side of the moon is wrong. The other side of the moon goes through the same phases as we see throughout the month.


9. It's a false belief that people who go out the atmosphere are weightless. These people are effected by the gravitation around space and their movements get slower because of that.


10. Diamonds are made of heated carbon molecules stuck 145 kilometers under the ground. Coal is formed in deeper parts of the ground. This is the reason why diamonds are not composed of coal.


11. The weather is hot around the summer, not because the sun is closer to the earth. The earth is tilted and it gets direct sunlight during summer due to this inclination.


12. The asteroid belt is not actually that dangerous. This is actually an isolated area. If we are gather all of the asteroids around the area, it would only equal to 4% of the whole mass of the Moon.


13. It is believed that the Moon is close to the Earth. However, this is not the reality.


The Moon is 384,000 kilometers away from the Earth. If you get on a Boeing 747 and travel to the Moon it would take around 17 days to reach it.

14. Nuclear weapons are not capable of destroying asteroids. Actually, trying to destroy an asteroid this way would only make things worse.


That is the reason the scenes of saving the earth like this in the movies do not reflect reality.

15. The speed of light is variable and changes under different circumstances.


Light speed is 299,792,458 meters/second. Nevertheless, this number is only valid in vacuums. The speed decreases by 25% in water and 59% in diamond.

Particles such as electrons, neutrons and neutrinos have much more speed than light in those conditions.

16. You've probably heard about the term space vacuum. However, there are many hot and cold spots around outer space. The clothes of astronauts are designed to protect them in both situations.


17. Matter has four different states, not three. Matter is found in solid, liquid, gas and plasma forms around the universe.


Alongside solid, liquid and gas, there is a plasma state. Though, it is usually believed that solid is the most common state on the earth, the Sun and all the other stars are shining plasma.🌠

Matter has some other transition forms, however these four are the most common ones.

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