17 Troubles Brought On By Being With A Targaryen


There’ll be, of course, some troubles when you're with a member of a family who has dragon blood in their veins and platinum-color hair. Whether men or women, you can’t help but to look, seeing them as
superior to all others. Especially since a mad king came out of their family.

1. Targaryens are haughty, so you’ll have to flatter them constantly to keep their egos boosted.

2. A Targaryen can never tolerate a swagger; before you act like that, you’ll have to run the risk of getting the response ‘F,ck off you low-life, don’t mess with me!’

3. It might take a while to get used to the dragons.

While you make love, being watched by a dragon, rather than a cat or a dog, might cause big trouble.

4. You might get tired of listening to ‘The throne was our right’ stories all day long.

5. Because 99% of the family has fallen into pieces, get ready for death anniversaries almost every day.

6. Because there are so many mad people in the family, you start to question your lover.

7. You can't sleep, because your lover has too many enemies.

- Love, I think I hear noises from the tower?

- It’s only dragons my love, go back to sleep.

8. When a Targaryen talks, you’d never know if s/he is making insinuations or jokes, or if s/he is serious.

If s/he is son of a gun, it might still be OK, but if s/he is mad, don’t be surprised if you become prey to the dragons.

9. Targaryens are either completely mad, or a son of a gun; it is hard to find a middle ground.

10. A Targaryen rules the roost. Convincing him/her of the opposite is almost impossible.

11. If your loved one has a brother/sister, your position is much harder, because they’ll become a really bad brother/sister-in-law.

12. Intercourse with a dragon-blood Targaryen will require an outstanding performance.

Drink dragon blood secretly!

13. Targaryens are ambitious; be prepared for his ambitions taking precedence over your relationship.

14. If you are a conservative man, you may not like your Targaryen girl-friend's dresses, but you’d better keep quiet.

15. Don’t forget that you’ll never be alone with your darling when you say ‘Honey, let’s go out tonight.’

At the very least, one of the dragons will follow you.

16. Targaryens wouldn’t be embarrassed to be with someone only for their power; are you ready for a jealousy attack?

17. When arguing with a Targaryen, never think that you two are alone. You might get caught by a dragon's fire at any time.

Or his/her guard might stick his machete to your carotid artery.

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