17 Things Sensitive People Can Easily Relate To!


People are people and they will ALWAYS be different. BUT, there is a big BUT! Some people are some emotional, some rational. Rational people can hide their feelings but sensitive people are quite the opposite. Here we give you 17 common things sensitive people go through...

1. You are always friendly and kindly.

2. You can be hurt and annoyed about the tiniest things.

3. You burst into tears when you watch romance or drama movies and your friends are like "What on earth are you crying about now?"

4. Your facial expressions and behavior can easily reflect your true feelings.

5. 5. The person you like says something positive about you, and you assign a different meaning to that, and you walk around with a smile on your face for days.

6. You let your heart rule over your head and it sometimes has a harmful effect on you.

7. Everyone hears about the great news you received because of the way you react!

8. You can easily feel empathized with your friends on every occasion, good or bad.

9. You are stuck in the past.

10. Hoarder! You are really attached to your things and never want to throw them away. When you actually give something to someone, you're always itching to get it back.

11. A situation others can easily tackle can make your whole world go upside down!

12. You show your admiration in an obvious way most of the time.

13. When you talk about something you've experienced, you act like you are actually living it all over again.

14. You don't seem to be trigger happy but when you finally get angry that brutal monster inside you comes rushing out!

15. You are a real animal person. You can't help but play with them all the time!

16. You trust other people way too much and even if you tell yourself not to trust anyone ever again, you just can't do it! :(

17. And most importantly, you wear your heart on your sleeves.

Although there are so many side effects of being sensitive, it is actually way better than being cold hearted.

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