17 Surprising New Angels To Join The Victoria's Secret Family!


They say being a Victoria's Secret Angel is every girl's dream. In reality, it's more like a big turning point for models in their careers. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will air on Monday, December 5th this year with a total of 54 models. Here are 17 surprising new names to join the Angels this year...

1. Alana Arrington


The 17-year-old model is a former basketball player. A true Harry Potter fan, Alana will be the youngest name in the show.

2. Bella Hadid


One of the most talked about models of the year, Bella joined the angels just like her older sister, Gigi.

The 19-year-old model's casting video went viral!

3. Brooke Perry


The 24-year-old baby face worked with VS last year but this will be her first time to walk on the podium.

4. Dilone


VS is changing the conventional "Angel" definition this year. The 21-year-old model is an example of this change. Dilone was going to enter the music industry as a rapper if she didn't succeed in modeling.

5. Georgia Fowler


The 24-year-old model moved to the US from New Zealand for her career.

6. Grace Elizabeth

19-year-old Grace looks more mature with her characteristic facial features. She is a new face in the modeling world.

7. Herieth Paul


The 20-year-old Tanzanian model has been in the industry since 2010. Herieth also contributes to education projects for young Tanzanian girls.

8. Jourdana Elizabeth

We don't know much about Jourdana other than how her hair change from long and brown to short and blonde affected her career.

9. Keke Lindgard


The 22-year-old model is from Hawaii.

10. Lais Oliveira


The 27-year-old Brazilian model joined the Brazilian majority on the podium.

11. Lameka Fox


The 18-year-old model has a different story than the others. Lameka was discovered on Instagram while she was a horse trainer.

12. Luma Grothe


The 22-year-old Brazilian model started off her career in local competitions.

13. Maggie Laine


Maggie drew the attention with a photo shoot shared by a photographer on Facebook. The 19-year-old model had previously said her dream was to be a VS angel.

14. Irina Shayk

Most people think Irina has already been on the VS podium, but they are wrong. Irina was planned to join the VS fashion show in 2013, but she couldn't make it due to her movie filming. The 30-year-old model will join the fashion show this year.

15. Megan Williams


The 22-year-old English model was able to use her social media popularity to rise in her career.

16. Xiao Wen Ju


The 27-year-old Chinese model attracts attention with her distinctive features.

17. Zuri Tibby


The 21-year-old model from Florida was discovered in a small shopping mall. Her turning point was to star in a commercial with Rihanna.

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