17 Struggles You Go Through If Your Salary's Gone Within Seconds!


This is the struggle of everyone in the middle class. Most of your salary covers your payments and with rest of what you have left, you try to survive until the next pay day.

1. You look forward to your pay day and once you get your salary, you feel happy. However, this never lasts as long as you think or want it to.

2. You try to plan everything. This time, you decide to be more economical, you will save up and maybe buy the dress that you have been wanting to since last month.


3. But your dreams die not too long after. Before you realize what's going on, you become broke.


4. People who spend their salaries as soon as they get it shouldn't be considered big spenders. Almost all of us go through this.


5. Remember the day you got your first salary, it was probably the one that you spent fastest. Although you hoped that it wouldn't be the case with the next salaries, you didn't witness a huge change.


Even if your first salary doesn't disappear at light speed, the salaries that follow do disappear at a horrible speed.

6. Although you have tried to believe that you will go easy on your credit card next time, the monthly payment has become legendarily huge.


Because the automatic payments suck you dry, you find it hard to believe that the money has once been actually yours.  😕

7. While you are looking at your huge bills, you can't help but think what you use so much electricity or water for.


You might even think that somebody is stealing your electricity somehow. 😠

8. Because your salary has gone away too fast, you have to delay your dreams and purchases. However, that next month will most probably be the same.


It looks like the camera you have wanted to buy so badly will have to wait until next month.  😔

9. Before you walk into the supermarket, you are pretty decided that you will just get a few things, but then you end up with the dreaded long receipt.


You have thrown everything in your shopping cart, because YOLO!

10. Once you see that your heating bill is almost as much as your rent, you start cutting down on heating and wearing more warm clothes.


11. If you live somewhere that the price increases on bread, meat and everything else exceeds the increases in salary, this is not an unusual thing.


- Should we maybe get meat for dinner?

+ (Looks at the price tag) I think we should seriously consider becoming vegetarian.

12. If you are married and have kids, you also have a PhD in surviving.


3 kids?

13. And if you are paying off your mortgage or car loans, you won't be able to lay hands on your salary for years.


14. When you think "Is this it? Is this how my whole life will be?" you also start the purpose of your life and where you want to end up.


15. The paradox "Do I live to work, or work to live?" becomes more and more annoying.


16. Do we really have to break bad for our family?!!


17. Either way, we all have to learn to spend accordingly.

At the end, we don't earn as much as NBA players.

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