17 Stages You Will Go Through When Your Pet Escapes

> 17 Stages You Will Go Through When Your Pet Escapes

You keep calling her name: Molly, Angel, Princess or Lucy... But she neither meows nor shows herself! You think like 'God knows where she is hiding again', but it gets mysterious after a few hours. As you start worrying about it, you notice the open window or door! What you thought would never happen to you happened. In the next second, you are outside, looking for her on the streets...

1. You don't realize its absence for a while. You think it's probably in bedroom or somewhere. But after not having seen it for suspiciously long time, you start to get worried.

2. The moment you realize it's gone, you flip out, can't decide what to do, where to go or who to call for help!

3. If you saw it running away, it's even worse. You feel like it's slipping through your fingers.

4. You just leave the house in hurry and start running around to find it. In case it's a bird, your eyes will look for it on branches as you keep calling its name and whistling in a ridiculous tone.

5. As you calm down, you start hoping that it'll come back soon. Why shouldn't it? You've been together all this time after all.

Ungrateful b*tch never gets back... :/

6. And you liked the feeling positive thinking gives, so a self-therapy session starts: "Probably she didn't want to leave at all." "She's just confused." You are sure it'll be back before evening.

7. But it's not enough to keep you positive for long and every minute becomes hours... And the question you were trying hard to ignore eventually pops up in your mind: "What if it's gone for good?".

8. You just call your best friends, thinking maybe they can comfort you a little or give a good advice.

9. As it gets darker outside, your feelings keep changing between hope and despair: "It will come back for sure… What if it won't?".

10. You try social media to spread the word to as many people as possible. You check every single photo on online found-pet databases.

11. You again find yourself on the streets at late night. You search everywhere it might be found in the neighborhood.

12. You keep all the windows open to hear every single meow or woof around. You are so focused in listening sounds from outside, you can't even hear your own thoughts.

13. Thinking back of all the memories and moment you shared together, there is no way you can sleep properly that night.

14. Next morning, you wake up from your sleep (which is less than a few hours in total) as you repeatedly call its name. You check the other rooms in house, hoping that it came back when you were asleep.

15. First thing you do is to check your computer if there is any reply to the lost pet announces you posted in the previous day. Then you are again out on streets for another round of search.

16. You can't think about anything but how it spent its first night outside, how it is feeling now, if it needs you or got scared.

17. Despair, anxiety, sadness, sorrow and exhaustion … You feel every single negative feeling you can imagine.

Who knows, maybe they'll come back some day or maybe they won't...But life goes on, sadly...