17 Proof Showing Men With Cats Are The Real Deal!


Nowadays, it is pretty difficult to find a guy that could be your husband. The person who will find you at the right time and place, will of course blow your mind. However, we went ahead and compiled the traits of men who have a cat and narrowed down the search. We hope that this content will help you make up your mind.

1. Because a man who has a pet cat is responsible. They take the responsibility of a living thing even though they don't have to.

2. He is intellectual, he reads a lot, and never twattles.

3. He has a soft heart, he can never be very furious at you even if he has every right, he forgets and forgives right away.

4. He won't suffocate or pressure you. Because loving a cat is loving while giving enough space at the same time, that's why he will also treat you that way.

5. He loves art. He has high aesthetic standards and is knowledgeable in every branch of art.

6. He is nice, he never acts like an a*shole.

7. He is intelligent. Because one has to be intelligent in order to be able to deal with intelligent animals.

8. He has a good style.

9. He dresses well and puts effort in it.

10. He is full of love. He can tolerate a naughty animal like a cat.


11. He is sympathetic. He manages to make you like him right away.

12. He isn't jealous. If you are with him, you are free.

13. He is merciful. Whenever he sees somebody in need, he runs to help.

14. He is brave, his possessing instincts are pretty developed.

15. He is fun. Even if he is shy, you will have sh*t loads of fun when you go out with his friends.

16. He has a colorful sex life. You will never regret being with him.

17. And lastly, he knows how to treat and flatter a woman. Because women and cats are similar, he is well-trained in this field.

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