17 People Who Are Probably Unemployed After Accidentally Sending Cringeworthy Texts To Their Boss

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1. "This person who spoke too soon:"

2. "This person who's probably unemployed now:"

3. "This person who did what we all hope we never do — send a screenshot to the person you just screenshotted:"

4. "This person who has too many Shannons in their life:"

5. "This person whose boss sounds like a tool:"

6. "This person who was just being honest:"

7. "This person who had their priorities in order:"

8. "This person who took things from zero to 100 real quickly:"

9. "This person who needs to lock her phone:"

10. "This person who texted their boss mid-nap:"

11. "This person who just wanted a vacation:"

12. "This person who at least sent a cute picture:"

13. "This person who had one too many:"

14. "This person who mistakenly wished their boss a happy St. Patrick's Day:""

15. "And finally, this person who sent over a beautiful selfie:"

16. "This person who was too honest:"

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