17 Odd Things You Can't Stop Doing If You Are Always Cold!


Well, I know we said "odd," but for a person who is always cold, these are totally normal... Can't winter be over already? We missed summer!

1. You don't just wear gloves outside, gloves is a way of living.

It's not comfy but keeping your fingers warm on the cold winter days is a bigger priority for you. 🤒😷

2. You can go anywhere in your cozy blanket as long as you're allowed to.

Especially the office. 😂

3. You strategically position yourself near the heater in every situation.

4. If your strategy fails, well too bad. You will just have to bring your own heater with you.

You gotta make it survivable for you.

5. If somebody wants to drop the temperature on the heater, you take it personally.

It's a violation of your rights!

6. You start a campaign not to use the air conditioner while you are in the room.

Can't I enjoy it without getting cold air blown on my face by an evil machine?

Season? Doesn't matter.

7. You start daydreaming of moving somewhere warm in the winter.

Like the tropics...🌴☀🍍

8. You keep your thermals handy. Never know when it will get cold!

You will wear it under anything.🙏

9. Of course you have to do something for your upper body too... Like wearing 3 layers!


10. You only take off your socks in the bed after your feet are warm enough.

11. You always have some kind of warm drink in your hand, especially outside!

12. You don't like holes in your clothes when it's winter time.

You don't like holes in your clothes when it's winter time.
You don't like holes in your clothes when it's winter time.

Why should my shoulders be cold?

13. You act like there is no such thing as fashion and focus on your body temperature all winter long.

You will wear 6 pullovers if you have to, so what?

14. You would rather be hungry than sitting near the door at a restaurant.

15. You try to warm up your feet with small movements in your toes.

Your poor toes.

16. You avoid going outside as much as you can. Because why should you torment yourself?

My house is warmer!

17. You hate people who think, "it's not cold that much."

Are you the authority on this? HUH?

Summer take me back!

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