17 Before And After Photos That Prove Short Hair Changes EVERYTHING!


If you’ve been considering getting a haircut but couldn’t decide, you’re in the right place. After seeing these 17 before and after photos, you’ll run to your hairdresser!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/tolanishoneye/s...

1. We need a minute to really take all of this in.

2. 😍💇

3. Just stunning. 👏

4. Flawless! 🙄

5. 😮😱

6. This cut looks so damn good.

7. This super-cute pixie!

8. She looks amazing!😯😍

9. Short hair is just so versatile. 👏👏👏

10. This curly chop is just stunning 🌊🌊

11. That fade!

12. 😍😍😍

13. The color, the cut... Everything is on point!

14. From long and wavy to a straight sharp bob.

15. Amazing transformation. 🙌

16. 💇💇💇

17. Round of applause to the stylist for this cut and color job. 👏


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