16 Things People With High EQ Can Relate!

> 16 Things People With High EQ Can Relate!

Emotional intelligence, EQ, is the kind of intelligence that measures how effective a person is socially; it evaluates people's reactions, and is overshadowed by IQ. It is thought to be higher in women.

Don't mistake this for being 'emotional,' as there is so much more to it: it is described as being aware of not only one's emotions but also others', understanding, defining, managing these emotions; and making effective use of them, both intra- and inter-personally. 

People with high EQ are more successful in the work place. If you are one of these people, the points below should be quite familiar to you.

1. EQ has 5 important components.

- Knowing yourself

- Being able to adapt and adjust

- Motivation

- Empathy

- Social skills

People with high EQ have all of these traits, and know how to make use of them in different ways.

2. These people have nothing to do with tantrums or emotional breakdowns.

They are very good at controlling themselves.

3. They aren't rude, hurtful or offensive.

Their ability to empathize keeps them away from such behaviors. They control their egos, instead of being controlled by their egos.

4. They don't complain or whine. They don't live their lives as if it were a drama.

Because they know how to take responsibility, and they don't  make themselves miserable by regretting about what they could have or should have done.

5. Hence, they don't blame others for what they go through.

They know that they are in charge of their lives, they think it is a virtue to reflect on and accept their mistakes.

6. They avoid thinking that they are the source of somebody else's sorrows or anger.

When they see a colleague or school mate who is sad or furious, 'I wonder if he/she is mad at me' is not the first thing that pops into their mind. People with high EQ don't speculate about an event and get upset about it. They relax, both themselves, and the people around them with the questions they ask and the attitude they show.

7. These people do not ignore the things that upset them.

They do not go through a sad phase without  reason. Because they deal with their problems head on, face them and then get them out of their heads. They are always at peace, because they put effort into working things out, instead of tossing them into the back rooms of their brains.

8. They don't become friends with low EQ people who are unable to empathize and are constantly depressed.

In short, they don't want to be around people who make them unhappy and poison them. They prefer to be around people with high EQ, just like themselves.

9. They don't procrastinate when it comes to facing their problems.

They won't bail when faced with a hardship. They know that even the tiniest problem will get complicated, if left unsolved. That's why they don't procrastinate.

10. They know how to talk where.

They are experts in picking the right words according to the sensitivity, importance and scale of the topic being discussed.  They are never indiscreet or someone who has no idea what they are talking about.

11. They never neglect their emotions, mental state and themselves.

They are highly conscious and aware. They don't let any personal subject slide, and are interested in themselves.

12. They the masters of body language.

When they communicate, they use all the strategies and techniques successfully. This is the reason they have a relaxing effect on others. By using their body language, they cause the other party to be comfortable and honest.

13. They know their limits.

People with high EQ are well aware that it is impossible to make everybody happy, and they don't even attempt this. Their relationships are not based on the effort to make themselves liked. They have their own principles and they never go against them, no matter what.

14. Their most characteristic trait is being solution-oriented.

They don't wander around the problems, they show a solution-oriented and positive attitude from the first moment on. That's one of the reasons why they are this successful.

15. The people who know themselves well are the people with high EQ.

They know themselves to the finest detail. They know what they can and can't do and their strengths and weaknesses very well. They don't take up things that they can't follow through, or make empty promises and chase unrealistic dreams.

16. They don't engage in useless discussions and cut the negative conversations short.

They don't get into discussions that won't lead to anything but a vicious cycle and waste energy. They know where to stop very well. They end the arguments that don't mean anything both for themselves and the other party. People with high EQ don't live on negativity, it kills them.

Bonus - People with high EQ know how to enjoy their lives, are joyful, positive and passionate.