16 Reasons Why Being A Woman Is Awesome

> 16 Reasons Why Being A Woman Is Awesome

We know. It is sometimes so difficult to be a woman and the world is so illogical and cruel. But being a woman is great all in all, we know that too! So here are some reasons to appreciate.

1. Women outlive men.

Ok, we knew this for a while. But imagine, you can have more time with your besties, eat your favorite food more and just enjoy the life, yeah!

2. Women are more likely to survive critical accidents.

Research shows “for people 13 to 64… women were 14% more likely to survive than men in a critical accident.”

So we do have more than one life, like cats, maybe?

3. Women are better leaders.

3. Women are better leaders.

2011 study of 7,280 leaders says so.

4. We can cry and we are not embarrased by it!

We just cry and let go of all these bad emotions out, and we are totally right. 

Who wants to keep all the struggle inside when you can literally detox it anyway?

5. Women have excellent communication skills.

While men speak more words in a day, they “have a weaker command of language in social situations, use the same words repeatedly and pay unconvincing compliments,” research has shown. 

Meanwhile, women have “superior communication skills” and use “a wider variety of words in social situations, while men struggled with their command of language.”

6. We totally nail multitasking!

Not only has research showed so, but also it is just so obvious that women are much better at doing several things at once. Successfully.

7. Many clothing and color options, making the world looking nicer.

Particularly in the dog days of summer, when men are often forced to roast in pants and long-sleeved shirts, we have the option of sleeveless blouses and airy dresses in like hundreds of colors. 

And the world with these colors is definitely much much better.

It is not just because fashion says so, because we MUST show how colorful our inner world is.

It is not just because fashion says so, because we MUST show how colorful our inner world is.

And just ignore the men saying that dressing up and expressing yourself this way is 'just too much effort for nothing.'

8. Women are totally self-sufficient and capable of doing all on their own.

Well, thanks to this masculine society, we just learned how to take care of our own life, meeting our own needs unless some men still don't know how to do laundry.

9. We are just more in harmony with our social surroundings and nature.

We like details, we pay attention and it just brings harmony and beauty, nothing less.

10. Women are mentally stronger.

Not us but psychology shows that women are stronger mentally and emotionally. When it comes to socializations and peace-making they are naturally good and are also natural peacemakers.

11. The feeling of a maxi skirt on the legs on a breezy summer day is the best.

11. The feeling of a maxi skirt on the legs on a breezy summer day is the best.

Just one of the best ways to deal with a hot summer.

12. We have a better memory.

A study showed that women excelled at remembering plans much better than men. There are many interpretations of the results but all in all, we are just better at it.

13. We also tend to remember nicer things.

Studies showed that men are more likely to remember gross images and painful emotional experiences, while women are more likely to remember nice ones.

14. We are more likely to express our feelings.

More likely to free ourselves from classic gender roles and just contact our loved ones. At the end, it is love that matters most, not those meaningless roles.

15. Better friendships are our thing.

Since feelings are more freely expressed, the relationships grow stronger as well. So our true friendships are richer and deeper unlike those stereotypes about women being 'jealous of each other' etc.

16. Women's bodies are hardwired to have more than one orgasm!

Well, hallelujah! 😎

We are just so lucky.