16 People Whose Expectations Were Dashed By The Reality!


Sometimes what you see isn't exactly what you get. Here are people whose expectations didn't meet reality!

1. Well, I guess...

2. This is exactly how it looks on the package.

3. “Biggest let down I’ve had in a while.”

4. “My friend bought a $600 Apple Watch off eBay. This is what came..”

5. “My boss ordered chairs for the break room last year. He too did not get what he expected.”

6. “Save the extra plastic and just make a smaller bottle please.”


8. A face mask fit for... maybe a Barbie doll?

9. “I ordered a wall tapestry from Wish and the picture to choose the design was super small. It came in the mail today and I put it up and it took me 2 hours to realize IT’S MADE OF PUGS!”

10. “Dreams were dashed at the airport.”




14. “This cup ‘full’ of candy”

15. “Includes a private balcony. It’s just a view of the wall of the next building.”


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