16 “Only Twins” Moments You'll Keep Experiencing For The Rest Of Your Life!

> 16 “Only Twins” Moments You'll Keep Experiencing For The Rest Of Your Life!

Let’s face it. No one actually knows what it really feels like to be twins. Hell, even the twins themselves are still trying to figure it out! Starting with “You're just born with it.” on our minds, we interpret 15 common things twins experience.

1. Constant and equally boring “Which one was born first?” “How many minutes of a difference?” “Do you feel the same things at the same time?” “Do your parents ever mix you?” “Did you ever take a test for him/her?” questions.

2. Fighting with extremely creative “I am your older brother/sister you should respect me, I am 7 minutes older!” jokes.

3. Deep, so deep questions like “Which one of you is who now?” “Which one of you is which one now?” Oh so deep that Adele is rolling all over it!

Who are we even to begin with!

4. Hearing more “Mono or di?” questions even more than an algebra teacher!

Lately some twins respond with “Free Range Egg” to the question about single our double twins. They seem to be doing pretty alright from what we heard.

5. Having a premade brother, friend, soulmate

6. Never knowing what loneliness is

7. When di twins, having the constant requirement to explain why you don’t look alike.

8. Ability to be in two different places at the same time

9. Life-long comparison with your twin and unwanted rivalry as a result

10. Names that rhyme, clothes that match until certain age

11. Developing proper answers to “How does it feel?” question

How can we describe it? It’s a feeling, you feel it, you don’t describe it!

12. Most odd situations

When you are 50, people still ask “Gosh are you guys still twins? Didn’t it end like 30 years ago or something?” Like, seriously?

13. Proving astrology is actually rubbish by having two completely different characteristics having born at the very same minute!

14. When the time comes and you part your ways, you realize you are losing much much more than you ever though.

15. Even though you are different, you will always be called the “Twins” in your group.

“Gee, did the twins arrive yet or what?”

16. Never getting jealous of your little brother/sister.

Bonus round: Sometimes it even saves lives!

Bonus round: Sometimes it even saves lives!

We DO NOT, recommend you to try this at home...