16 Notes For People With Terrible Navigation Skills!


According to Swiss scientists, 64.17% of intelligent people have a sucky sense of direction, or don't trust themselves to get there the right way on the first try. Some of the World's most intelligent scientists have had trouble giving directions to get their own homes! 

We collected 16 characteristics of those who suffer from the lack of a sense of direction. ☺️

1. First, every street seems like this from your point of view. There is no difference between the roads you passed and those you will pass.

2. You try to find salvation in road signs, but you can't even help yourself.

3. While others enjoy their journey, you are in a rush to get home before you get lost.

4. You are petrified when you get to junctions, just like this. You can't decide whether to turn left or right. You also can't go straight- no way..

What about going back?

Nope, no way.

5. That's why you always go along with a friend who knows the way, every time you go out.

6. You thank the people who invented the technological masterpiece- GPS navigation -every day.

7. You generally prefer travelling in public transportation instead of your own vehicle.

8. Plus, when you dream about buying a car, an indescribable fear grips you. You start having nightmares about getting lost in your car at night.

9. You try to map the way ahead of you inside your mind, but you don't have this skill.

10. That's why you bookmark places like supermarkets, parks or banks in your mind, and try to find directions with their help.

11. Going to a job interview or an exam is one of the biggest nightmares you have.

You keep checking Google Maps until you completely memorize it; yet still, you hesitate. What if you can't find the place?

12. You always go early so you won't be late if you get lost. Then, you have to wait for your friends to come.

13. You are always criticized by your friends for complicating the directions on your way.

14. Asking for directions turns into a kind of a torture for you. When you ask someone for directions somewhere, you get lost after their first sentence.

-"Well, don't take the first left on the corner, take the second right and go straight ahead until you find the bridge. Take the exit that goes above the bridge, not under the bridge, to your right and then turn left. Go southwest for 5 miles. There, you'll see a hotel on the left corner, the place you are looking for is just on the opposite. 

-404 Not Found! 😱😱😱

15. And people asking for directions is another nightmare. Even if you know the address they asked for, you go blank.

Most likely, you'd have trouble giving directions even to your own house.

16. Despite all of these, and contrary to your wimpy sense of direction, when you let your heart rule, it'll always help you to find the right way.

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